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14th June Brides to be!

I am getting married on the 14th June 2014 and it just so happens that England's first World Cup match has now been moved forward to start at 11pm on that day!

Are you going to embrace the football or will you ban football from the nighttime do as a lot of weddings will still be in full swing at 11pm!

I have visions of the menfolk all abandoning the dancefloor and sitting round the bar area at our venue!


  • Hello 

    I am getting married on the 14th too! Eeekkkk

    As much as a hate football i think I will be embracing it! By 11pm I probably won't care what the men are doing, hopefully be having too much fun with all the girlies! With iPhones etc don't think we can avoid it! Sadly! X

  • MrsCZ14MrsCZ14 Posts: 134 New bride

    Hey! We are getting married on the 14th as well!

    I'm hoping to be the same as you Hanbird, not caring by 11pm! Let's just be thankful it's not at 2!


  • Exactly! The game was oringally on the day before at like 2am, early hours of the wedding day. So least the boys wont be up all night on the day before now! I've banned football shirts though! So our best man says to wind me up they will put numbers on the back of their suits!image 

    how are you guys for planning what have you got left? Xx

  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    Hi fellow 14th June brides!

    We are going to embrace it really and have a laugh about it although wearing football shirts will be a bit much lol! 

    It's just a shame that England are not playing Greece as our wedding has a Greek island theme and that would have been perfect but Italy is close enough!

    We are more or less sorted for the main stuff, our next big thing is the invites and we are due to get samples anyday now as we want to send them out by the end of this month.

    My h2b needs to get a suit but as we are going shopping tomorrow, we may get that sorted as well as putting down the deposit for my wedding ring, getting his ring size sorted and he has seen a wedding ring on line he likes so they are the next few things to do! how about you ladies? xx

  • HOLY CRAP! How was I not aware of this? Fingers crossed they change it again to the 15th, our venue has no TV's and has bad reception for phones/internet...

    Hopefully I can get the wifi password and the men can watch it on their mobiles/ipads, because like most the men in my family are BIG football nerds lol xx

  • HanbirdHanbird Posts: 40

    I hope they change it too, they habe already changed it a few times time wise so here's hoping! 

    We have done all main bits part from finishing invites and booking a bad which iam struggling with where to start! Would suit us if it was Greek too, we got engaged on a Greek Island, going there on honeymoon and we're originally getting married in Greece! We should ask mr FIFA if he change change the match around! Ha 

    happy suit shopping KK12 xxx

  • MrsCZ14MrsCZ14 Posts: 134 New bride

    It would be fab if they changed it to the next day!

    We are just about sorted with planning, got to finish making the invites and get h2b a suit - went suit shopping the other day and it was a total disaster! Also h2b is sorting the honeymoon and I don't think he's got anywhere with that so we may be going to Blackpool!

    Happy planning!xxx

  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    Ooh Hanbird - we are going on a Greek island cruise for our honeymoon - I love Greece and it's been our entire wedding theme for as much as possible anyway!

    MrsChattootobe - I hope you don't end up at Blackpool unless you like Blackpool of course!

    I think we know what kind of suit we want for h2b but not sure of the colour, we are thinking light grey or a blue so he will match me as I am having a blue dress! image

  • H2B suit shopping has also been a disaster, he's popped on his own today because frankly, after xmas i'm fed up of shopping lol

    I need to start the invites, just can not get my head the game! Wrote out a to do list of the bits and bob jobs and it's so long but I still feel im forgetting something?


  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    Well we didn't buy a suit for h2b the other day but he did look at a few and tried a few on and we do think that he will end up with a blue suit and he does look great in blue too. image

    We had some sample invites come the other day too and we think we know what we want now so we just need to talk to some printers tomorrow.... we really want to send them out no later than the end of this month.

    We did end up getting a flower girl dress in Monsoon that we are all happy with which was unexpected and she loves it too so that was good! image

    You will get there MrsP to be! xx

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