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1st November anyone?

Anyone else out there on 205 days?!


  • MrsE2be2014MrsE2be2014 Posts: 1,458

    I'm 2nd November 206 days! Are you all ready to go? xx

  • Pretty much I think!!!! image  Invites to send next! How about you?X

  • Yay! A wedding twin. I'm 1st November too! Getting ridiculously excited (and a bit nervous, strangely). Bought my dress at the weekend so its beginning to feel very real now.

    193 days to go! image


  • I'm getting married November 29th! Still got little bits to do, but time is flying by!! X 

  • Victoria25Victoria25 Posts: 250

    I'm getting married on the 20th.  I think it's going to feel properly real when it hits the 6 month countdown!  Today is the 7 month countdown to the honeymoon image

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    Hey Little White Daisy.......... My date Twin

    How's it been going babe........... Haven't seen you about?


    221 days to go

  • LeaMarieLeaMarie Posts: 723

    November 1st is a very good date - it's my birthday! image

  • Hi all,

    My name is Ozzy and I run Ozzy James Photography.

    I'm a female creative documentary wedding photographer who uses both non-posed and directed styles to capture the full story of your special day.

    I have a few spaces left for 2014 (september onwards), and in order to fill the slots I am offering a special discounted rate.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information.


    Many thanks.





  • 99 days to go - we are in double digits!

  • MrsE2be2014MrsE2be2014 Posts: 1,458

    Ahhhhh 100 days exactly for me today!! x

  • Victoria25Victoria25 Posts: 250

    Ohh this is getting scary!  I've got 118 days!!  

  • OMG 99 DAYS!!!! 

    I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! 

  • Ems2905Ems2905 Posts: 144

    113 days to go !!!    Super excited but wish I could stop thinking of new crafty projects!!

  • MrsE2be2014MrsE2be2014 Posts: 1,458

    Ha Em2905.......I've really got to crack on with mine! x

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