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Anyone else??


No-one has posted on this link yet so i thought id be the 1st. Im getting married 11th Oct 2014 in Warrington Cheshire. Any one else on this date or in the month? x image


  • Hiya,I have prebooked our venue for the 2nd of October 2014. We are getting married in Aberdeenshire Scotland x image
  • nicmc2012nicmc2012 Posts: 50
    Are there any more brides out there for Oct 2014??
  • nicmc2012nicmc2012 Posts: 50
    Is there only 2 of us getting married in Oct 2014??
  • Hiya, I'm getting married on 3rd October 2014! We attended a wedding yesterday at our venue and it got me so excited for ours (even if it's ages away)

  • NuttyNutty Posts: 21


    We are getting married on 31 October 2014 at Bestwood in Nottingham image

  • We are so getting married on 31st Oct 2014 at in Dorset image

    It will be our 5th anniversary of when we got together so that's why we went for it but I'm so excited for having an Autumn/Halloween wedding.

    What do you all have planned already?

    We have:

    - Venue booked

    - Wedding dress (only because it was at a price I couldn't refuse)

    - Save the dates (because it's a Friday it gives people plenty of notice to get time off work)

    And very soon we will be booking our reception venue its a decision between 2 places.

    I'm being ??ber organised with getting the big stuff paid for and out the way first. Didn't know if I was the only one who had done so much forward planning.
  • Lovely to see some more Oct 2014 brides. We've booked our venue and reserved the registrar. I've seen loads of things I want to book already but my h2b wants to wait to at least next year, he thinks it to early to book anything else yet. I can't wait to get started x
  • Hi, Im getting married on 4th October 2014, yet to book anywhere as cant decide whether to church or civil, favouring Bosworth Hall currently tho x

  • Hi nic we are also looking at 11th October. we are in cheshire and can't decide between styal lodge or sandhole oak barn!! We have just got engaged and i am so excited already image xx
  • Not long to go now before we can say were getting married nxt year. Cant wait x

  • I am getting married october 18th im from warrington cheshire image X

  • Hi stacey, Where abouts in Warrington are you from? x

  • Hi im in latchford...where abouts are you...have you decided on a venue x


  • Hi I am getting married on October 10th in Nottingham. I wanted a low key (cheap) affair but now it's come to the planning things/costs are spiralling. Any suggestions on cost cutting would be gratefully received!! We are getting married in a barn so are going for a more relaxed (ish) feel to the day. Venue is booked but keep changing my mind on colour scheme. !!
  • Hi Stacey, I'm from sankey. We've decided on the dares bury hotel. Getting married at 4pm there then bring on the party x
  • BexBBexB Posts: 19

    i'm getting married 25th October in Kent. So far we've sorted (but not paid up):

    • Ceremony venue
    • Reception venue
    • Caterer
    • Photographer
    • Dance floor hire (took my h2b to a wedding fair and he fell in love with an led one- gadget freak image)

    I've also bought shoes (bargain in the sale) and loads of reduced decorating bit. The recption venue is a church thats been coverted into a community centre so it'll be a bit of a DIY thing

  • We're getting hitched on 4.10.14 (reads the same backwards!) hehe!

    Alloway Church then the Brig o Doon! Struggling with deciding on Autumn theme colours - anyone got any ideas?? x

  • Hi Ladies,

    I booked the Church last weekend for our wedding day~3rd October 2014!!! 

    I was going to do it in December but we wouldnt have enough natural daylight for church photos so we brought the date closer ekk!

    Im hoping the weather stays mild for us all. im now about to book our reception venue but thats all ive sorted so far.  

    How is everyone getting on? im so nervous about the planning and money etc,...


  • Hi Ladies!! Newbie here!! Getting married on 9th/10th/11th of oct!! Haven't booked anything yet so don't know the deffo date but we are hoping for sometime over this weekend!! Our anniversary is the 14th of oct when we will have been together 7 years!! Finally getting round to setting a date & planning!! Been engaged since Oct 2010!!! Lol!! But before the wedding we are expecting baby number 2 in May!!! It's all very exciting!! X
  • MrsH3MrsH3 Posts: 98
    I'm hoping to book for October 2014 too, meeting with the venue I love on the 23rd (was going to be Jan 2015 hence the name image but this years weather put me off a bit)
  • We've been to see a few venues & narrowed it down to a choice of 2!! Going 2 see one again on the 10th march when they have their wedding open day & we will be able to see it all set up & we will make our final decision then!! Can't wait!! Yes I would definitely be put off by the weather in Jan!! I'm hoping oct won't be too bad!! Sometimes the weather can be quite nice!! X
  • hi..we're marrying 3rd oct far ive booked.

    venue, photographer, got my dress (fantastic price i couldn't refuse) flowers, suits,entertainment and our cake is ordered, my wedding day makeup and trial is sorted too. Also looking into booking a photobooth in the next couple of weeks.Im not normally this organised but im trying to be sensible budget wise, im finding alot of places have had offers on so im taking advantage of it! Lottery win would be nice image xx

  • Hi I'm also a 3rd oct bride! I have booked church and reception room so far but that's it! Your very organised image
  • Hi kestrel fairy, it'll soon come round wont it ????

    We're looking to buy a new house so we're trying to get as much wedding planning

    done as possible! how u finding the planning? I'm enjoying it so far, it's the invites and table planning bit later on I'm not looking forward to.Told myself not to worry what other people think x
  • hi guys. we might have to push our wedding to the last weekend of Oct 2014 (from june) but im struggling to come to terms with an autumn wedding. I cant imagine pur nautical, harbour side wedding without sunshine ( I know its unpredictable anyways)..any advise? x
  • hi angiebabyuk! yes it will soon come around. i have had family members react badly that its on a friday (as its a school/work day) but hey ho.

    im enjoying the planning now and im finding that im more worried about the little things than the big oddly.

    cornishwed, i cant give you any advise really as its up to you what month you get married in but i was going to have a December wedding which would have been freezing but i think its a beautiful time of year to get married. My friend is getting married november 29th and she cant wait for it to be all christmassey. Autumn can be lovely and more and more brides are picking months out of summer image

  • I'm getting married 4/10/14 in Northamptonshire - it's 2 days before my 30th birthday - I'm struggling with colour schemes for the big day - so far my church h and venue Are booked and my cake but this is all x
  • I am getting married 11/10/13 in London . As it coincides with my 30th we will be inviting people to my birthday party that will in fact be our wedding image 

  • Colour scheme cerise. so far ordered cake! 

  • im having purple/cream and a vintage feel to it, i keep stopping and starting the planning stage. i have got my flowers and cxar sorted and im having my dress made by a dress maker so i can have it exactly how i want it. we start working on that next august! 

    hows everyone getting on? x

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