wedding abroad planning help!!!!

Hey there everyone,

myself and my h2b have just booked our wedding for October 2014, although it seems sooooooo far away i am getting a bit confused. As we are getting married in cyprus, do i send out save the date cards or invitations????? is there that much of a difference????? the holidays for 2014 are available to book in April 2013 so i don't want to be sending out double the info of the hotel etc. please help i need help to solve this dilema

thanks Adele


  • Thanks rubycupcakesx, yeah i think thats the way we're going to go with it. Just hope everyone will be able to come with it being abroad image.

    Yeah very excited but it seems like ages away at the mo ha ha. we're getting married at the olympic laggon in Nissi Bay it's so nice we've been there twice on holiday now and loved it. Vegas sounds great i'd love to go there, might have to make that a possible honeymoon trip image


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    hey adele, were getting married in malta next year and sent out save the dates with the area we were staying on so people could look early at prices etc. we havent sent out invites yet but we intend to once we know times etc giving them the full details for the day. x

  • Will be here before you no it adelel26 my lovely cousin is getting married in cyprus in april 2014 and just found her dress ..


    Have you got that far yet?

  • hey, Cheryl, no not got that far yet, can't wait though it's all very exciting.

    Where in Cyprus is your cousin getting married??

  • Very exciting .. do you no what kind of dress your after?

    Shes having a catholic cermemony in st pauls pillar (in paphos i think) and then afterwards on to a restaurant that has beautiful grounds outside where she can have the meal etc cant remember the name of it!!

    What about you hun? x

  • Also getting married oct 2014 I've asked family and friends got a rough number coming going straight into invites and also putting typed up info of hotels and date to book in April image thought about save the dates but like u said didn't want info across twice and if u change hotel or can't get wedding on that date or at that place no need to change info xxxx
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    Im also getting married in October 2014 in Portugal and have exactly the same doubt!! I think we wil be sending out save the dates in October 2013 (once we know the venue and date) and then the proper invites we want to send out Jan/Feb 2014... what do you think?

    What kind of invited are you thinking of?


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