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Anyone else getting married on 11th October 2014?

We've just booked our venue and I'm super excited just wondered if anyone else has also booked this date? would love to here from other October brides image xxx


  • My elder sisiter is getting married this day and have booked for singing waiters along with venue for wedding entertainment and now looking for other arrangements....

  • RsmithRsmith Posts: 18

    Me too getting married at the same date... I'm making all the arrangements very excitingly... Already booked for a venue, now looking for a dress... and also one more thing i have also opted for wedding singer for my wedding entertainment to make it an extra special day...

  • Yep we are although our guests think its my 30th birthday party rather then our wedding day zimage 

  • kitten2kitten2 Posts: 2,240

    I'm getting married on the 4th October but would be good to be in contact with some October B2Bs! Anyone got a planning thread?

  • I'm getting married on the 4th October too image xx

  • kitten2kitten2 Posts: 2,240

    Aaaaaaah I've found a date twin finally! Yaaaaaay! Do you have a planning thread Rachel?

  • Im getting married Sat 11th Oct 2014 in Warrington. So far ive booked the venue, registar & photographer. Ive already got lots of quotes for videographer and cake maker but my OH wants me to hold off for a little while just incase they go bust. But im itching to get going x

  • Another October bride - Saturday 25th for us image 

    We have booked (I say we but I mean me!) the chapel and evening venue (including food, drink and dj), the wedding car, photographer, flowers, made a start on the decorations and have bought THE dress! 

    Have planning thread here:

    Nice to talk to others who share a similar date image Tinkerbelle how exciting to have a secret wedding! 

  • Becca2Becca2 Posts: 4


    My wedding is 12 October!  Not long to go no girlies how exciting!

  • kitten2kitten2 Posts: 2,240

    Just over 9 months! Gosh that's pretty scary! I need to actually start saving and lose some weight! I've been putting it off by saying 'it's next year' but now I can't do that anymore!

  • Mrs L, we are date buddies as 25th is our date rotor! Have booked venue and that's it though. Save the dates are my next priority, then dress shopping. Want to lose a bit of weight first though. 

  • I'm 11th October too image Getting married in North Oxford 

  • Vicki009Vicki009 Posts: 173

    I'm also 11th October! Very exciting, it's getting so close now! Lynsey we live in Oxford but are getting married in Henley! Whereabouts are you getting married? xx

  • Its bee a while since i last posted on this site. Only 29 more days to go!!! Cant believe how fast time has flown.

    How are we all getting on? Everything is sorted for me now. Just a few DIY projects that i need to finish like my flip flop basket, Tears of Joy tissues and making my colouring books for the children. x


  • 25th October for us


  • kitten2kitten2 Posts: 2,240

    I have 19 days to go until 4th October and I am surprisingly calm....apart from the odd lot of butterflies and feeling sick that seems to hit me every so often. I think OH is more excited than me at the moment....

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