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6th of September 2014

Do I have any wedding date twins?!!?


  • That's my date too! image
  • Ooo exciting!! We have got the venue and registrar booked.. I feel like its too soon to book/buy anything else?? What about you? X
  • We've booked the registrar and venue ,but my wife to be has banned me from doing anything else until next September... So I'm just working on trying to lose weight now instead :-/ Frustrating as I want to buy things now lol x
  • It is soo frustrating, I can't stop reading wedding magazines tho so have lot of ideas! I'm gonna start dress shopping in about feb or march time but leave the rest until September too! Xx
  • I've started looking at dresses and tried a couple on, but really didnt like myself at this weight in them, there were barely any in my size and they all put me in the same kind of dress :-/ Bring on next year image xx
  • I've looked at loads on the Internet so I have an idea of what I like xx
  • How about triplets?? That's my date too image super exciting knowing others have the same date lol!  We have booked the venue, humanist and photographer, and was planning on dress shopping around March/April time and leaving the rest until the September too.  I have tried a few dresses on, which has given me a better idea as to what I suit/like. xx

  • Whoop! Exciting now we're triplets image Where have you both booked your weddings?
  • Hey ladies, Me too. Have only just agreed on the date so still need to book everything. Cant wait to start dress shopping x

  • Ooh this is my date too! I can't wait! image

  • Was just checking my wedding planning app this morning and its 600 days to go!
  • Bec2014Bec2014 Posts: 54
    600 days!!! So faraway!! Hehe! Have you booked/ bought anything else for the wedding yet? I've bought my table centre pieces..silver candelabras from somebody on here, I'm really happy with them! X
  • Apart from booking the venue and the registrar no image I've been banned from buying anything until September image We do have the photographer (my dad) sorted and we're talking with some of his friends to sort out the videographer, string quartet and band image
  • Ah this is my date too! I've ordered my dress, got venue booked and ceremony and photographer all done already!
  • my date too! I have booked and paid deposit on venue, photographer, transport and got my dress this weekend! having to do alot in advance with going back to university in August!

  • Tigso1987Tigso1987 Posts: 647

    Hey guys! 496 days to go! How's everyone's planning coming along? I think I've done everything possible...just booked honeymoon the other day and I thinking my dress is due in next Month! co citing!

  • Sparkle2Sparkle2 Posts: 21

    hello there .... I'm new to this ... Bt got very excited to see a page made up for our wedding date! we are getting married 6 th September 2014 and also celebrating my 30th birthday image very exciting! 

    Have booked venue, photographer , videographer, humanist and photo booth! Got my dress last month but totally stuck on colours and bridesmaid dresses lol 

    looking forward to speakingimage

  • Tigso1987Tigso1987 Posts: 647

    Hello Sparkle welcome! The time is flying by and can't believe its 14 months a week tomorrow!

  • Hi there,

    I am also getting married on this date. So excited! I have booked the venue, photographer and cars image

    Has anyone thought about where to go for honeymoon yet? I heard september isnt good for the caribbean islands image


  • Sparkle2Sparkle2 Posts: 21


    what colours /themes are you all thinking of ? 

  • We've gone for a navy blue and gold colour scheme image 

  • Tigso1987Tigso1987 Posts: 647

    We've got a purple theme and Joanne we booked our honeymoon end of April. We're off to Tenerife for ten days on 8th sept image

  • Sparkle2Sparkle2 Posts: 21

    I'm going bridesmaid dress shopping on Saturday - liking navy blue and ivoryimage 

    very exciting image)) 

    wont b long till the year to go mark image

  • Tigso1987Tigso1987 Posts: 647

    Can't believe how fast it's going! 

  • Aaaah don't!! Time is flying by at the moment... Still need to get around to sorting out my dress lol

  • 400 Days to go!!! How are you all getting on with the planning? image

  • Sparkle2Sparkle2 Posts: 21

    I really need to pick a colour.... Teal or navy ahhhh decisions decisions and then throw it I now like raspberry lololol


    hows everyone else getting on ?? X

  • MrsW2014MrsW2014 Posts: 18

    389days to go now - eek! Will be here before we know it!  I too am struggling with colour, had originally thought navy, but im kinda liking the natural hues that seem to be around just now? going bridesmaid dress shopping tomorrow, hoping something wow will stand out that will decide for me lol! Sparkle2 where are you getting married? We have now booked our band and a caricaturist, have an appointment next week re cake! It's all so exciting!!! Xx

  • Sparkle2Sparkle2 Posts: 21

    Bridesmaids dress found woo  just need to decide on colour and get them ordered image 

    hi mrsw2014 getting married in Scotland what about u ? 



  • one year on Friday! were getting there ladies! hope we're all getting prepped nice and early image

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