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Is anyone else getting married on the 5th September?



  • I am ( we'll I suppose I should say 'we'!!!). Our ceremony will be at 12.30 pm. We chose a Friday just because of the price difference compared to a weekend! Our plans are coming along slowly but surely, but with less than a year to go now, there is lots to do!! 

  • FabWFabW Posts: 16

    Me too image Only after the new year we have started moving things forward. I've got my dress, shoes, church and reception sorted but September seems like a loooooooong way off....image

  • Yes I'm getting married then too,,,,, at 5 pm in a country hotel,,,,, soooooo excited 

  • I am!  Getting married at 2pm in a beautiful big house in Glasgow.  Have all the big things organised now including the honeymoon(we will leave on the Monday!) and can't wait now!  It still seems so far away x

  • 194 days to go as of today - it will fly by now. our next task is Entertainment, looking at bands and/or Djs xx

  • FabWFabW Posts: 16

    Honeymoon booked already???? I havent even started on mine image

    We are getting married at 12pm in our village church and having the reception in our local gastro-pub. Everything is very simple and low key, except my excitment. I just cant wait image

  • That sounds lovely!  I haven't had a holiday abroad in 3 years so got a bit over excited at the prospect of a honeymoon and couldn't wait to book!  I don't know which I'm more excited for...the wedding or the honeymoon?!  X

  • Same day as me image 6 months tomorrow image xx

  • OaksBrideOaksBride Posts: 16

    5th months left now, how's everyone doing? X

  • MrsMGtobeMrsMGtobe Posts: 612

    Hi Ladies, I am the week after you (12th!). I think we hVe booked everything apart from the rings! How are your plans going? image

  • OaksBrideOaksBride Posts: 16

    Hi, you planning threads looks amazing MrsMGtobe, I love the colours and your dress; I tried on the Sincerity, it was beautiful, but I didn't go with it. I've still got a fair bit to do, but have the Church, reception venue, Dress, suits, rings, car, DJ, photographer and photobooth! Phew, getting there!

    were going for a rustic romance theme, wicker hearts, hessian, jugs of flowers on the table. Really can't wait now image x

  • Jenny88Jenny88 Posts: 33

    I think we are all organised!  Bought wedding rings last week...can't wait to be wearing it image

    Save the dates went out a while ago but need to start thinking about invitations soon.  We need to order wedding favours but as they will most likely be edible I think we will do that closer to the time.

    h2b still hasn't got his suit but he's still losing a bit of weight so doesn't want to buy it too soon and spend a fortune on alterations!  I need to get my underwear, shoes, jewellery etc and arrange hair and makeup for the big day!  

    SO EXCITED!!!  Hope you are all getting on well? Xxx

  • OaksBrideOaksBride Posts: 16

    Where are you off to on Honeymoon Jenny88?

    My h2b is in the same situation re suits, but he has ordered his and will be fitted nearer the date x

  • Jenny88Jenny88 Posts: 33

    We are going to Dubai for 2 nights, Kuala Lumpur for 3 nights then Lankawi for a week.  Can't wait!  

    Have you booked yours yet? Xx

  • MrsMGtobeMrsMGtobe Posts: 612

    How exciting! It's coming by so quickly.

    Jenny - I love Kuala Lumpur! It's a fabulous city. Have you booked your hotel yet? image image

  • Jenny88Jenny88 Posts: 33

    Yes we will be staying in the Traders Hotel...looks great and has really god reviews.  Amazing views from the pool and sky bar as well!  Counting down the days!

    Is there anything in particular that you recommend we do/see?



  • MrsMGtobeMrsMGtobe Posts: 612

    We stayed in the Traders!! I would really recommend being part of the Traders Club. Amazing!! Traders hotel was were H2b first told me he loved me. What type of room are you staying in? We had a normal room and for our last night we had a suite (my lovely mum treat us for my birthday); both with views of the Petronas Towers which was beautiful! We did all sorts whilst we were in KL. Petronas Towers are good to visit. We weren't overwhelmed by Batu Caves, but we did visit the fireflys and fed some monkeys which was lovely. There is lots of fab shopping too.


    I will check our blog later to see what we did. Have an amazing time. image

  • OaksBrideOaksBride Posts: 16

    77 days to go ladies! Hope you're all pretty much there with the planning x

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