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10 Months Today

Hello fellow Sept 14 brides.

10 Months today I'll be feeling really nervous & excited at the same time.

We are getting married at 12.30pm Saturday 27th September 2014.

We got engaged on Christmas Day 2012 and started looking at venues early Jan. I always knew I wanted the big fairytale wedding, it's starting off at my local church followed by a reception at Carlton Towers. Cadbury's Purple is my colour scheme - it's becoming quite popular now but it's my favourite colour and have always wanted it, so sticking with it. I have 6 bridesmaids - yes 6 !!! I found it really hard to choose between family & friends but I think it will look good in the photos and plus its an even numberimage

How is everyone getting on with their planning? We have been quite organised (compared to come of my friends who have got married recently)  Our plan was to try and get as much done this year as possible so that next year is simply paying final bills, sending invites and doing seating plans.

We have  the following :- church, venue, cake, favours, DJ, photographer, string quartet, videographer, suits, bridesmaid gifts, evening catering, Car, wine & champagne (as doing corkage) sweet table (my mums taken this task on), we've chosen our invites (but still too early to have them made up) and I have my veil, shoes tiara and i'm being measured for my dress this Saurday (30th Nov), and I have just recieved confirmation this morning that the hair & makeup artisit I want is free on our day.

I found my dress to be the hardest task of all - I alway knew i'd be picky !!!

Things we are yet to do are Flowers, centre pieces, chair covers, wedding rings, gifts for remaining bridal party, bridesmaid dresses & hair, and booking the honeymoon.

We wanted to make our honeymoon a really one off holiday & go somewhere we always wanted to go but once children arrive we'll never get to type thing - So we have chosen to go to Australia - it's too early to book flights for this yet so I think this will be a task for us in the new year.

I also need to sort our my hen night / weekend - I have no idea where to go / what to do yet. Has anyone one got theirs sorted yet?

Well I think that it my wedding in a nutshell.

Happy Planning everyone image x








  • kitten2kitten2 Posts: 2,240

    Oooh Poppins will love having another date twin! Congrats! I'm a week after you after not being able to get the 27th Sept at my venue. It would have been our 13th year anniversary but never mind. You sound very organised!!

  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    Wow that sounds organised. I'm in dress shopping hell at the moment... Talk about being picky!  I have the venue, church, DJ, photographer, videographer, cars and suits sorted. Everything else is just part of an exceptionally long "to do" list at the moment!

  • SW84SW84 Posts: 992

    Kitten2 - that would have been lovely, shame your venue was booked on that day - but look at it this way 1 week to your wedding you can have a special 13th anniversay meal image

    Victoriao - Dress shopping hell !! - lol that has so been me - it started out in June as a nice mother daughter thing to do and i totally think my mum is fed up now - she'll be so pleased when its paid for & ordered.

    I just couldn't find what I wanted at all, and I found "my dress" in a shop in York back in June on my 2nd outing for dresses - I felt it was too early to commit to a dress that early but every dress since has been compared to that 1 dress.

    However this one dress isn't eactly what I want, its just the closest i've seen - so I went back to the shop in York 2 weeks ago and the shop sent the dress to a dress maker also in York and I went to her studio and talked through my ideas and she's going to alter it to what I want.

    Breath a large sign of relief (especially from my mum) haha

  • SW84SW84 Posts: 992


     This is my church - its a beautiful church in a little village, my mum was christened here & my great grandparents married here.

  • SW84SW84 Posts: 992

    Our Venue - Carlton Towers




     I love the staircase - we'll be taking most of our photo's on here I think



  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    Date and time twin!!! Yorkshire bride as well??? Can't believe it's only 10 months to go!!! So much to do!!!! Carlton Towers is a beautiful venue! Xxx

  • SW84SW84 Posts: 992

    Date & Time !!! wow !!! Yep Yorkshire Bride image

    I know 10months today eeekkkk


  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    Have you got a planning thread SW84? Xx

  • SW84SW84 Posts: 992

    No - I signed up to this forum ages ago but felt it was too early to start writing anything.

    Then yesterday I just decided to start typing, and made my 1st thread (this one) today with it being the 10month marker, and not really giving it too much thought and now realise it's flawed lol as tomorrow it's no longer 10 months and you can't change the title

    I guess that means i'll need to set up a new thread under planning - that way I can continue right up to the wedding


  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    Yes dress shopping hell. I would quite happily like it all done and dusted, but know that even after I put down the deposit I'm going to fret!! Is it the right one, will I still like it in September etc. I've caved in and two of the girls are coming with me on Saturday to try on more dresses... Here's hoping! My Mum has given up and she has left me to it now. Also a nightmare trying to get us both to the same shop at the same time etc.


  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    Your church and reception venue are gorgeous.

    I am feeling very disorganised and I have just over 5 months to go, but the big things are done venue, food, DJ, registrar, photographer, dress, cake.

    I have chosen but need to book my table centres, videographer and table linen.

    I need to sort venue décor, flowers (or an alternative which is highly likely), suits for the guys, my accessories, bridesmaids dresses and accessories, favours if we have any budget left!

    I also need to write and send our invites, my H2B laid down the gauntlet last night saying his handwriting is better than mine, so we will see this Saturday if that's true, if it is he can write the invites.

    We are not having transport, staying at the venue the night before.

    My H2B is slowly realising to plan a wedding like they do in 3 weeks on don't tell the bride is virtually impossible. I knew when we booked the venue in September 9 months was pushing it, I can see lots of little things being done at the last minute but they will all be things I can live without. I realised our short time frame would mean certain ideas just weren't viable.

  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    I haven't had a hell as such with my dress, I just can't blooming decide between two dresses!!! I love them both and they are so different, I'm doing my own head in never mind anyone's else's!! You should start a thread! It's great to get everything down and all in one place! Xx

  • OMG your church and venue are literally stunning. you are going to have the best pics!!!

    You are little bit too organised for my liking lol, i havent really done anything..just ideas in the my head floating around, I get married December 2014.

    Australia will be the trip of a life time and such a wikid place to go to on ur honeymoon! just in time for the hot weather there too! woop woop xxxx

  • SW84SW84 Posts: 992

    Thanks all for your kind words - so excited now.

    Poppins - ive started my thread

  • I am getting married on 27 September 2014 as well!  I can't believe how much more organised you are than me!

    I have only just decided on my dress and it took me a lot of shopping trips!

    Looking forward to following your planning.



  • SW84SW84 Posts: 992

    Thanks Sarah

    I now have an actual planning thread

    My Planning Thread

    So writting down all my ideas there now


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