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Catering Dilemma!!

As some of you know, I am getting married on 27 September 2013!

I am trying to sort out catering for our marquee reception and have been givent two options.  I am not sure which option to choose and just wanted some honest opinions.  I think there will be about 100 at the wedding breakfast: -

(1)  Everybody has the same meal or if they are vegetarian, a slight variation on the main meal. 


(2)  We have two choices of meals and we let the caterer know 10 days in advance the numbers for each. 


I am worried that if we choose one dish a lot of people will not like it but I know doing the two option is potentially a lot more work as I will be chasing people for decisions.  There is no difference in the price and I think that is why I can't make a decision.  My bridesmaids are desperate to help though and I wonder whether chasing people for catering choices is something they could help me with?

Honest opinions please!



  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    I have seen it done both ways. Things to remember;

    1) If having a choice menu send it out with the invites and ask them to include it in the RSVP - that way you only need to chase them once (are they coming and what are they eating)

    2) Use the opposite side of the name cards to ensure each persons choice is on there.Your guests WILL forget (even if they say they won't). That saves the caterers from having to hunt through the list to find out what each person ordered whilst the food goes cold, it also reminds your guests if they have forgotten!

    3) It's your day so what do you want? In all honesty as long as the main is not something like marmitey e.g. fish it doesn't really matter if it is just one dish. The special dietary requests will always be catered for even if it is gluten free, vegie etc.

    As a waitress I always loved one course meals easy to deal with and only had a few variations to work with. As a guest I have enjoyed one choice and also two choice meals!

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