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100 days to go!

I am sooo excited today marks the 100th day mark until my wedding and wow I feel the pressure but I wish it was closer at the sane time! Anyone else feeling like this? 


  • Emma14Emma14 Posts: 64

    And by sane I meant same but I think I need to try and stay sane haha

  • Purple rainPurple rain Posts: 926

    Aww I remember the 100 day mark well. The days flew by 

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    It's going to fly by! have fun image

  • Mrs pickleMrs pickle Posts: 319

    It only seems like literally 2 days since it was my 100th day and now I'm on day 52. Enjoy it, it flies by!!

  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    Whoot, yours is the week after mine as I was at 100 days last week! I don't know about you but I find that time is accelerating! Everyone keeps saying enjoy it, but I'm more worried about it all running out before I've done everything I want to!

  • Emma14Emma14 Posts: 64

    Thank you purplerain and her story, it really is flying! 

    Mrs pickle - this is what I mean... Literally feels like 'ok 6months to go' was yesterday!

    Victoriao I feel the same, in the beginning I was so organised but now there's a million things on my list to do and it's all happening at once...I have only sent out invites this week!!! Xx

  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    Emma - we still haven't heard from the church/vicar and our wedding is 87 days away!!

  • Jo35Jo35 Posts: 305

    im on 52 days and feel like time is running out very fast x

  • BexgreenBexgreen Posts: 505

    Ive passed my 100 days it was actually on the day i went on my hen do. This friday im down to single figures on my weekly countdown - so excited!!!

  • BexgreenBexgreen Posts: 505

    Victoriao - have u contacted ur vicar to try and arrange to see him. We saw ours last week. Have u had ur banns read too x

  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    Bexgreen - We've just got a new vicar so he's getting around all the couples. ive spoken to the ladies on the parish council/administrators and everything's fine! We've organised for the banns to be read in our local parish as we are marrying in a 'foreign' parish! So it's all on track and they keep telling me not to worry... Easier said than done but it's all under control  

  • BexgreenBexgreen Posts: 505

    Yeah were exactly the same were marrying in a different parrish too. 

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