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Hey girls,

Just thought I would start asking questins about everyones wedding!

Where are you all having your reception and when?

Im getting married in Antrim and having my reception at Tullyglass in Ballymena - pic in my avatar!

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  • Hey girls,

    Just thought I would start asking questins about everyones wedding!

    Where are you all having your reception and when?

    Im getting married in Antrim and having my reception at Tullyglass in Ballymena - pic in my avatar!

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  • I'm at Clandeboye Courtyard outside Belfast.

    We had 1 weekend to choose a venue - drove all over! We went to see Mount Stewart - quickly figured it wasn't right for us but the lovely lady Alma who showed us around said "don't tell anyone but you can get married on the Clandeboye estate - my daughter did it there and it's lovely".

    Love that we can have the place to ourselves too. It was between that and the Culloden but the Clandeboye just felt more personal (and we will stay at the Culloden for our first night anyway, hee!)
  • Redcastle Hotel, Donegal so excited!
  • When are you both getting married?

    Im getting married on NYE

  • Dec next year, can't believe it's another year away!!!
  • i felt like that last year! BUT NOW I ONLY HAVE 24 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

    what have u done so far? have u got ur dress?? x
  • oooo irish forum! im getting marired in august in tullylagan in cookstown and im from well atm ballyclare but ive lived most a very last min bride so only got like venue and photo and bands sorted
  • I had my reception in Belfast Castle.
  • I'm getting married in Castlereagh offices - then my reception at Beechill Inn Pub, it is beautiful!!

  • OOOOH im so exctied, a forum for us Irish girls!!

    Hello everyone, im from Co Down. Having a civil creemony in Belfast Castle, as im originally from Belfast. The next day we are having our blessing and reception in Carlingford. The FOur Seasons. Only 108 days to go!! woop woop Cxo
  • Hi everyone,

    Belfast Castle seems to be a popular choice. Well, I would say that because I'm getting married there in 10 days!

    Good luck to all the irish brides!
  • I love Belfast Castle - might well have gone for it, except that the only Saturday dates available were September! That was my fiance's preference - I liked Malone House a lot but again, could only get married in Sept.

    I seem to recall Belfast Castle have some, ah, "amusing" pics in their sample photo albums image [/horrible snob]
  • Ooh, and what was that FutureAggle?!? I'm intrigued... image

  • nikg_87nikg_87 Posts: 1,082
    Hi ladies image I'm from Moira direction....

    I am getting married Dec 2010 in St.Lucia and having our reception back home on 23rd Dec 2010 in the Ballymac Hotel image woo hoo roll on.

    Any of yous heard of the Band Split Second? We'e having them...

    Where everyone get their dresses then?
  • I wish this forum was up last year when I got married. It would've been SO useful...

    I got married in Cork North Cathedral and had my reception at the Woollen Mills in Blarney.
  • Oooh, here's one for you. Did anyone else consider using Mussenden Temple?

    It looks incredibly stunning in the photies, and we loved the idea of a National Trust property, but wanted to get married in a local/meaningful church in Belfast and realised it was too far out. When we went to visit it anyway (just for fun), I realised it was, indeed totally stunning (even on the foul day that we went) but that I would have had to walk there in my bridal outfit over grass & soil (and on that day, torrential rain) for quite some way to get to the temple!
  • Oh, and Mandy, there was one wedding in Belfast Castle's albums that was just very, um, tasteful. The two shots I mostly remember were one of the bride enjoying a pint of Guinness, and another of her sprawled on the hood of a red Ferrari, lads'-mag style.

    Now I've posted that, the bride will probably turn out to be on here.

  • Haha, thats classy!! xx
  • im getting married at galgorm manor

  • galgorm manor is quite nice but there was a quite a big thing that put me off them.
  • nikg_87nikg_87 Posts: 1,082
    What was it rose_drops? I have been to a few weddings there and had a friend got married there so it was never an option for us x
  • ok if you are standing at the door with ur back to the building, carpark in front of you to your left is the lane and grass, well that grass is were helicopters land and take off from if one of the resident guests wants to stay.

    i was there at a wedding there around april/may time and while the speeches were being done a helicopter landed and as most of u's will know its not a quick or quiet thing and from the reaction of the staff went running outside to find out what the noise was that they had no knowledge that it would be landing, one member of staff said they come and go as they please. id hate to be saying my vows or another quiet moment to be broke by a helicopter landing.
  • nikg_87nikg_87 Posts: 1,082
    ohhhhh thats strange isnt to lol

    I think if that was me I would be having a bridezilla moment and insisting NO helecopters landed while I was there lol

    easier said than done haha

    Rose_drops have you seen the 'for the groom' section and your post.... I think there is a little confusion (prob me causing as I butted in lol) ooops x
  • lol i think im glad u butted in they may have tied me upsite down to a lamppost to make their point.
  • nikg_87nikg_87 Posts: 1,082
    I know.... didnt really help as I didnt know what I was talking about though lol hehe I dont think there would be anything to worry about getting this type of photo done with Cairan image I cant wait to hear what sort prices his pics etc are x
  • i also agree about the bridezilla comment with helicopters i think i wud go running outside and start screaming at the person!
  • i live about 1 mile from the venue and never once have i heard the helicopters - also frequently use the hotel facilities and again never had the heliicopter.
  • smithiesbabe - im having my reception at Tullyglass - when u getting married? I love the spa!!! love it love it love it!!

  • im not saying the galgorm manor isnt nice but id hate for a helicopter to land on my day, partner has been out there a good lot of times and has had it several times
  • I will admit to agreeing. Just think of the wind and dust all over your hair and makeup!
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