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Timetable help please- wedding morning

Hello ladies,

Would you be able to help me sort out my timetable for the morning of my wedding next week? I have 3 BMs, plus MOB and me to get hair and makeup done and we need to leave at 11.15am. No matter what way I seem to work it, we are cutting it fine! What do you think of my timings?

(I have two hairdressers, and we are going to the salon, and one makeup lady who is coming to the house. The BMs will unfortunatley have to be dressed before makeup, but I'll be getting some dressing gowns to wear over their dresses to keep them clean!)

8am- Bride and BM 1 to hairdressers

8.30am- MOB and BM 2 to hairdressers

8.45am- Bride and BM 1 to house

Bride to makeup

BM 1 to dress

9.15am- MOB and BM 2 home from hairdressers

MOB to makeup

Bride to dress

BM 1 finished dressing, waiting for makeup and helping bride with dress (corset back)

BM 2 to dress

BM 3 to hairdressers

9.45am- MOB to dress

BM 1 to makeup

BM 2 to help bride with dress

BM 3 home from hairdressers

BM 3 to dress

10.15am- BM 2 to makeup

BM 3 to waiting for makeup (breakfast, cuppa time)

BM 1 ready to go (breakfast, cuppa time)

MOB ready to go (breakfast, cuppa time)

Bride ready to go (breakfast, cuppa time)

10.45am- BM 2 ready to go (breakfast, cuppa time)

BM 3 to makeup

11.15am- BM 3 ready to go

Everyone leave for ceremony

What do you think? My mum is freaking out as she would like to have a 'nice morning' but with a ceremony at 12noon and the hairdresser opening at 8am, I don't think that's possible!


  • can the hairdresser not open any earlier?? surely the amount your paying them they should be able to accomadate you!
  • Thanks for your reply. She is opening an hour early at 8am for us, and as it's the busiest weekend of the year for her (weekend before xmas) she won't be able to open earlier. Of course I've left it too late to find anyone else so I'm stuck with these times.

    What I need to know if this sounds like enough time i.e. is 30 mins enough or too short for BMs makeup?
  • i would say 30 minutes will be fine - when i was BM last year it didnt take too long
  • Hi Radiantgal

    Only thing I can suggest is maybe going for quite simple styles for your BMs. One of mine just had her hair curled and wore a simple Alice Band and looked really cute and it was quicker than an updo.

    30 mins for BM makeup sounds plenty of time to me but I'm not a prof makeup artist so I'd speak to your makeup artist so she can give you a better idea of timings. You could also consider getting your BMs make-up done before their hair, I know make-up artists hate that but then at least they could be doing stuff whilst waiting to go to the hairdressers, or maybe having brekkie then, try to run things parallel to each other to save time. Also if I were you I'd have your make-up done last rather than your BMs so that it lasts better throughout the day and will look fresher in the photos.
  • Hi ladies,

    Thank you so much for your replies! The BMs are just having their hair down, so just need the hairdresser to run the straighteners through their hair and secure the slide/clips things they will be wearing. Hopefully, I've allowed too much time for hair and makeup then we can all be ready a bit earlier.

    Good tip about going last- think I'll swap BM3 and me around!

    Thanks so much.
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