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Chair Covers in NI?

Hello all

Im looking to book my chair covers.

Has anyone got a good deal from anyone in NI?



  • Hello all

    Im looking to book my chair covers.

    Has anyone got a good deal from anyone in NI?


  • Hiya

    my sis booked with special day extras. They are fab!! They had a special offer on... Only 2.50 a chair Cover Inc set up an all. Give them an email. I'm sure they'll still have offer on. It's [email protected]

    they did table centres too.
  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    I've gathered up a few quotes so far: are the cheapest so far at £76 for 60 covers and sashes plus 8 table runners but they are based in England so it's a DIY set up are £2.75 each which inc set up is £2.50 each inc set up are £2.25 each inc set up

    Hope that helps a little, some of them also allow you to hire table centre decorations, bay tress, candle stand etc as well and you could probably get a good package price xx
  • prettysitting - 2.50 a chair Because im in england they even sent samples so i could match my colours
  • Thank you girls

    I prefer the thick material to the stretchy one for some weird reason. Special day extras do the thick material and they still have that offer on so thankyou Christmas

  • Hi Girls,

    I'm a bride2be also, and i have my own venue styling company that does chair covers and all the must haves, my website is my prices are £3 per cover but i can guarantee quality and an excellent service, i'm getting married 11th August 2010 and im due my second baby on 15th may so i'm on here to see if anyone else is in the same position as me....getting a bit stressed over the whole organising of it...i seem to have everyone elses wedding sorted out and left mine on the back burner....eeeekkkkk image
  • hi, i've booked COMPLETELY COVERED. They are fantastic to deal with, anything i've asked for so far has been no problem, i want everything from the one company and they seem to have it al, cahir covers, table centre pieces, bay trees, candles, the list is endless. I think they are the best out there
  • Mrsduffy2beMrsduffy2be Posts: 110
    Girls please check with your hotels as i got caught out with this one, girl was doing me a really good deal at the wedding fayre and told me she had done my hotel before and this deal was only avaliable today only, and only by chance i rang hotel to confirm their own prices and they said we dont allow external companies to come in you have to hire them directly off hotel, so would have lost the deposit that i paid her.
  • Mrsptobe79Mrsptobe79 Posts: 688
    i had completly covered for our wedding. They are a husband and wife and only charged 2.50 a hair and didnt have to pay for set-up, take down or delivery and collection. It was litterally the price for the chairs and any we didnt use they didnt charge us for.

    They were great and set up really early coz i went down to our reception room in the hotel about 11/11:30 and didnt even see them and the room was completly done, they also provide table runners at no extra cost unless you dont want them.

    I really would reccomend these coz they were ace and at such a good price
  • tessiemaytessiemay Posts: 99
    Hi yeah i would like to enquire about chair covers and fairy lighting as i would love to add alittle sparkle into my room. Does anybody know of any good companies based in derry?
  • Try DumDumDeDum - they do a price match where they will match any price from any other supplier in regards to any of the stuff they sell. 4 of my friends have used them in the past and have done nothing but sing their praises.

    Defo try them out - or give them a ring for a wee price up image
  • maobridemaobride Posts: 59
    Hi all. Have you tried I've ordered my chair covers and sashes, matching coloured tablecloths and napkins and centrepieces for each table for 3euro per chair. The company is based in Donegal but can deliver and set up all over. Also has a deal on faiy lights for 130 or 140 euro for a 30ft net?? I think image Definitely worth checking out and the other bits and pieces they hire too.
  • jomcbridejomcbride Posts: 128
    The Little Confetti Company in Newtownards is brilliant!

    Nicola is so helpful and very very keenly priced!
  • MrsKnoxMrsKnox Posts: 326
    Hi girls,

    I have mine booked with

    I've gone for the recession busting offer which is great value with the light curtain etc. I am also getting my table runners and centrepieces as well.

    I had considered doing the centrepieces and room decoration myself but it meant sooooo much preparation and sourcing that I decided to have one company do everything so that I could enjoy my day!

    Can't wait for the big day to see how it all turns out!!
  • BLAIR2BBLAIR2B Posts: 45
    As we have approx 110 guests, it would cost us between "250-£300 to get chaircovers, an extra expense that we could do wihtout! I haven spoken to friends who got chair covers for the top table only. Has anyone saw this before? Did it look silly? Wldn't mind some pics. Thanks image
  • MrsLL2BeMrsLL2Be Posts: 200
    Hi all,

    I have also went with chair affair event styling! The girl who

    owns the company is fantastic and so helpful. Her ideas were brilliant!! The £ has been really good as she works with you 100%. I would definately recommend her!
  • Hi everyone,

    I have booked mine from Pretty Little Details - 70 chaircovers with sashes and 9m Fairy Light backdrop = £270 inc set up. Think she is based in newtownabbey.
  • mrsdoranmrsdoran Posts: 12
    hi i found it better 2 buy dem den if there in good condition sell them on.. ive 60 4 sale if dats any good 2ya 150..ono
  • mrsdoranmrsdoran Posts: 12
    i found it better 2buy the if there in god condition sell them on ive 60 for sale 150 ono if thats any good 2ya
  • BLAIR2BBLAIR2B Posts: 45
    We used Ultimate Touches, fantastic service. We went for very different chair covers, black with hot pink, email me for piccies if want. [email protected] They cost £2.50 each, although i talked them into £2.25, fitted.

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