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Hair & Make-Up & music in Sligo area

Hi girls,

Just wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for hair & make-up in the sligo area. Ideally looking for someone who can come out to the hotel....had been given Ann Young's name for make-up but haven't heard much about her, so any feedback or advice would be great.

Also does anyone know of any good singers or musicians for the ceremony? We're having a civil ceremony so will only need them for a short period of time - out of interest how much is anyone else paying for ceremony music? Not a clue about these sorts of costs :\?


  • Hiya hun

    Check this site out for suppliers and things:

    I quite fancy the look of the irish celtic music agency for our wedding if we can afford them. altho they do come down from donegal so u would have to pay their travel expenses and feed them probably but they also can get in touch with a group of irish dancers and i think u can hire them for the whole day from the greeting of guests to ceremony to bag pipers at reception and a band in the evening image

    As for hair and beauty this is where i am going to struggle. I know that my friend works in one of the hotels as a bridal beauty person but i wouldnt know how good she was - and i also cant think of the place she works but i will try and find out and let u know ;\)

    I have a list somewhere in my wedding box at home of alot of sligo suppliers so il bring it to work scan it in and email it to you if you like?

    Hope this helps

    Alicia xximage
  • Ooh I'll check out those links thanks - really helpful.

    Yeah any extra info you have would be ace...I think hair & make up is definitely the trickiest thing to organise from afar - not easy just to nip over for a trial here and there!

    The celtic music agency do sound like they offer a good package...think we'd probably just look at ceremony and drink bits - I reckon the guests travelling from the UK would probably love a bit of the trad stuff image
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