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Hi all, its been a wee wile from ive been on - but just wanted to ask a wee question...

we are getting married next year with our reception on Galgorm - was just wondering if its the "done thing" or not or even if anyone has went for a sample tasting of their chosen wedding menu either in Galgorm or in any of the other Northern Ireland Hotels?

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  • I think it depends what menu you are getting. I can't imagine them letting you do a tasting if you are getting a standard turkey dinner. I will be asking for a tasting, I have gone for a pretty extravagant menu so I want to try before I settle on it. They (the old inn) better let me!
  • Bridey2011Bridey2011 Posts: 129
    Its just my h2b brother is getting married in the Culloden in the summer, they were having steak or seabass - nothing extremely out of the ordinary and were at a tasting on Fri night there!! It was the first id heard of it over here!
  • annrobinsonannrobinson Posts: 154
    just married at galgorm at beginning of aprl

    i wasnt allowed a tasting for free - they said we could have a tasting at 30 quid a head in gillies but i know taht the gillies chefs and reception chefs are not the same so didnt bother.

    our food was simply divine - not the standard mass produced normal function crap - i actually wanna go back and eat my wedding food everyday of my life so goooooooood

    we had

    starter - melon with the mango sorbet and summer fruits

    soup - veg

    main - roast stuffed turkey (was absolutely massive and so delish)

    desert - exotic fruit pavlova

    cant recommend that food any higher it was so amazing

    any questions about galgorm give me a buzz
  • julz24ukjulz24uk Posts: 12
    hey i am getting married in the stormont and they are allowing us to taste two starters, two mains and two deserts for free which is good even though i know wat i want already but somethings gotta be free!!! image
  • jomcbridejomcbride Posts: 128
    Are you serious!

    We are getting married in Ballygally Castle which is part of the hastings group the same as Stormont and they said we have to pay like £30 same as wedding menu price to taste it! I am very annoyed if other hotels in same group are offering free tastings why arent we getting them too!
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