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Help us make up our mind!! Perfect venue (parkanaur) but no accomodation - would you go for it!!

RK79RK79 Posts: 111
Hi everyone,

I have fallen in love with Parkanaur Manor House near Dungannon. The venue is just stunning and they have the date we want and the price is not to bad! ... BUT .. they do not have overnight accomodation. I am from the area and most of my friends and family will just be going home after the wedding but by H2B is from Dublin so we expect to have about 50 guests travelling from there and will therefore need to stay over. If they have to find accomodation is this unfair on them?.. My mum (who is also in love with the place!) thinks we are being too considerate and should go for it.

I am thinking of putting on a bus from Parkanaur back to the Bank House Hotel in Dungannon after the wedding reception . This is the hotel we would stay in but it only has 17 rooms so I know not all our guests will get booked in here.

Does anyone know of any other accomodation close to Parkanaur? B and Bs?... I know there is the Cohannon Inn. Does anybody know what it is like?

Please ladies - what do you think we should do? I know I have been to loads of weddings and got a taxi after to a b+b without a bother but because this is our day I guess I want everyone to think it is amazing so am afraid if they have to go off and stay somewhere which turns out to be horrible it will take the sparkle of our wedding!!

Help please!!!


  • NowMrsMaggsNowMrsMaggs Posts: 1,823
    You should go for it! Just put a list of local b&b's and hotels in with your invites or save the dates. Sorted image
  • sianclairsianclair Posts: 112
    i really wouldn't recomend parkanour as my friend got married there, and just after midnight they told every1 to leave, don't know why found it a bit weird, they switched off the electric, the bride was crying and the groom had to beg them. i think it was one of the first wedding there.
  • RK79RK79 Posts: 111
    thanks.. they ended up being not so pleasant to deal with. ended up with darver castle!!
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