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Larne Hairdresser

Well I had a very stressful weekend!

I was booked in with Shek hair group to get 2 bmaid hair trials and my own - we drove from Lisburn which was an hour's drive to be told at Shek that the stylist wasnt coming in and there was nobody else who could take us. I was so dissappointed and annoyed. They could have fitted even one of us in but they didnt even try. We went to a local coffee shop who told us about a few other hairdressers which may be able to help. Karen from Prodigy saved the day! She came back from her lunch early to fit us all in! - so pleased with end result to and nothing seemed to be a bother to her. Would definately recommend her to anyone! She is coming out to Ballygally to do our hair on the big day so Shek Hair have been sacked!


  • MrsKnoxMrsKnox Posts: 326
    I have heard a few dodgy things about shek in larne too but have heard good things about the one in carrickfergus. Do you have any pics of the girls hair? I haven't decided where to get ours done yet.
  • jomcbridejomcbride Posts: 128
    Hi there - no no photos unfortunately but would definately recommend Karen from Prodigy - where and when are you getting married? To be honest I wasnt overally happy with my 2nd trial with Shek Goddess either image
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