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wedding stationery - dublin

hi girls can anyone recommed, places in dublin for wedding invitations, have been looking online but nothing really stands out. thanx x


  • Lantz Stationery. Check out They will send out samples in the post. Also, you can make your own... i.e., buy the paper and print/assemble yourself... Cost wise... I ordered 70 invitations for E140... The handmade equivalent would have cost about E35... I'm just not that crafty!
  • Jules2011Jules2011 Posts: 133
    I can suply the little rhinestones for the invitations if you done your own if you were interesed
  • Have you tried Daintree on Camden Street?

    Do you have something in particular in mind?
  • LambeLambe Posts: 46
    Hi, try image
  • The best thing about wedding invitations is they can be ordered world-wide as they as usually so cheap to ship!

  • xayukxayuk Posts: 591 New bride
    If you are still looking for invites you might like to take a look at this zazzle store where you can find invites that can be customized and personalized in any color and design you want but are still at a very good price! If you like anything just contact the seller through zazzle and you will find great help!**
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