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Wedding Babysitter


I'm wondering has anyone found someone offering this service and, if so, what sort of price is it?




  • Mags35Mags35 Posts: 17
    hey Claire,

    Im looking for the same thing have come up with nothing so far
  • i went to a wedding that had a mobile creche...not sure of any more info but try goggle girls x
  • Mags I have put an ad up on Gumtree, if I get any response I will let you know.

    C x
  • tinseltoestinseltoes Posts: 180
    Hi clairem1, Can I ask when your wedding is?

    I might be able to help you if you are interested and depends on whereabouts you live.

    Send me a message if you are interested and if it is possible for me to help.

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