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Claddagh Theme?

Hi girls, I'm just nipping over for a visit from the Scottish forum!

I was just wondering if anyone is incorporating the claddagh ring as part of their stationary design? My family are all Irish so I thought it would be nice to use it on the invitations, place names and table plan and have found some nice wee charms on ebay for the table plan (will need to spray them silver!) but really struggling to find a nice design that we can take to our printer for the stationary. Any ideas?

Thanks image x x x


  • Hi Busybride11

    I had a claddagh theme for my wedding, I didn't incorporate it into my invitations as such but I know that you can buy claddagh wax seals to seal the envelopes. I was also able to buy a claddagh cake topper off ebay and tied a green ribbon around the cake. Hope this helps image
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