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wedding dress help needed asap

Hi everyone am getting married in april 2011 i have actual picked my wedding dress a couple of months ago i put a depoist down on my dress was told i would have to pay the rest after i seen my dress. got a phone call today to say that my dress is ready but before they would ship my dress out i have to pay the rest of the amount plus they told me i would have the dress sent quicker if i paid by cash. Has this happened to anyone else before or is this normal please him am freaking out lol image


  • where did you order your dress? doesnt sound normal to me...

    i ordered my dress in june and it arrived this week, so normal delivery must take about 5/6 months then? (and i'v still only paid my deposit so far.)

    sounds like they are rushing the order, maybe to allow time for fittings, and i've heard this can cost more etc, but surely they knew the timescale at the time you ordered, and should have told u this then if it was going to be a problem.

    Its the cash thing that gets me... that would only make a difference of a couple of days, you'v still got 5 months yet!

    Dont panic, your dress is ready, and it can't take that long to send it over. It sounds like they're worrying you over nothing. I'd give them a call back and ask them to explain exactly why it is they need you to pay now. Could you even pay an installment now, and another installment when it arrived?

    Hope you get it sorted out, let us know how it goes xx
  • Thank you for ur advise i am actual going to the shop on friday with my mum to see what is going on i rung another bridal shop today and they also said that its not normal and do not hand over any more money until u recieve the dress. am really freaking out but i hope everything goes ok i will let u know how i get on thanks a million.

    where are u from am? image
  • 5ftbride5ftbride Posts: 120
    Do not make any payments until the dress is delivered!

    That does not sound good at all!
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    i would want to view and try on before i handed over more cash. just for peace of mind xx
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