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unusual reception idea??

I really want to do something that ive not seen before. Ive seen characterists, choc fountains, sweetie buffet mmm what could i do diff???

I would love to hire a mobile cocktail bar but no idea how or if there even are any local! And i seen a ferroro rocher tree thing which is cool but too far from me

any ideas??


  • Hello hun,

    I make some unique wedding favours and reception decorations. For example, wine glass charms with the guests inital hanging from them, with beads to match your colour scheme.

    Wine bottle necklaces, with you and your grooms name and the date of your wedding dangling from them.

    Personalised bracelets for the ladies, with their names and the beads to match your colour scheme, and key rings with either you and your grooms name and date of wedding or your guests name x

    PM me if you like any of these ideas x
  • We wont be putting money behind the bar but offering drinks with the breakfast. I think you are right, deffo want to get people involved etc, We are having a nightclub set up for our music with a camera for the dance floor (so people can watch themselves dancing!), sweetie buffet, wish trees, toiletries in the toilets, hope this gives you some ideas? xx
  • look on they do some lovely ideas on their for setting plans to the whole lot ect, they do flowers deco and more hope this help
  • natsmith2b i went to the bridal fayre at kings hall last year & remember seeing a mobile cocktail bar which comes with waiter.

    Im sorry i cant remember there name but it might be worth a trip to kings hall this year to see as they also have some other lovely ideas
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