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Religious Weddings in Northern Ireland

Hi Northern Irish brides,

I currently live in England and I know the law is different over here, but I am originally from Northern Ireland. I just wanted to check if anyone knows if it is possible to have a religious ceremony outside of a church or chapel in Northern Ireland? Thank you in advance. x


  • uglybuffyuglybuffy Posts: 201

    I think it depends what your clergyperson of choice says!  Some denominations are more flexible than others!

  • pinkgempinkgem Posts: 24

    It would be two clergy - we are a mixed marriage so wanted 1 from each denomination. I don't know if that would work image thanks anyhow!xx

  • uglybuffyuglybuffy Posts: 201

    Our minister (Methodist) offered Future Mr Uglybuffy the chance to bring the priest of his choice, as we are also mixed!  Where are you getting married?

  • pinkgempinkgem Posts: 24

    Undecided, I am church of ireland so would be nice if we could  have both. My minister I reckon would be quite relaxed about it, but I really want a religious wedding, H2B will need some convincing though as he would have preferred a civil ceremony, but I went to a friends the other week and I was horrifed by how it was so insincere and the registrar kept cracking jokes, one or two would have been fine as it is a happy occasion but I was very unimpressed :S If we do decide to book a venue we need to make sure it is registered for Religious weddings as well. Do you mind me asking if your Future Husband is arranging for his Priest to come along as well, is he going to play a part in the ceremony? Thank you. x

  • uglybuffyuglybuffy Posts: 201

    Future Mr Uglybuffy isn't that religious and doesn't have a priest of choice, so it's just going to be one minister.  Your fiance sounds like him as I think he would have been ok with a civil ceremony, but I always wanted a church wedding! and hymns! The minister did give me a few old orders of service from other weddings he'd done to inspire me and quite a few of them had a priest involved as well, so it can be done.

  • pinkgempinkgem Posts: 24

    Ah I see, well thank you very much for your help, I guess I will speak to my minister then. x

  • I am in a similiar situation, was going to opt for a civil ceremony so that it didnt have to be more one religion than the other but really dont want it to be cold and over in 10 minutes!!

    Pinkgem did you find out if you could have a religious ceremony in somewhere other than a church/chapel?

  • Not yet, I currently live in England with my fiance so I am going to ask when I go home. Although I have saw some pics of places such as the old inn in Crawfordsburn with what looks like a minister/clergy taking the service. I will let you know if I get an answer. Although the venue I am looking at says they are registered for civil and religious weddings so I am assuming you can image

  • me husband and i are mixed marriage and we got married in my chapel. reception was at the old inn & yes you can have religious services. it is all down to your minister/priest if they are willing to marry you at your venue. you can have both if they agree image

  • One from each would be good, we will try for that! thank you image

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