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When did you send in your notice to marry forums?

Hi There, I live in scotland but getting married in Bangor Northern Ireland. (my h2b is from there)

apparently in scotland they wont accept your notice to marry forms till 4-6weeks before the wedding.

But we filled ours in and sent them 6months before the wedding and was never told this is an issue.

just wondered for those not having a religeous ceramony how long before the wedding did you hand in your notice to marry forms?

Its 6 weeks to go image



  • y5c6y5c6 Posts: 467

    Hi Danielle

    I am getting married in Scotland and was told that ideally the want the notice no later than 4 weeks before the wedding but no earlier than 8 weeks before - this is because once the marriage notice has been put in, it is only valid for 3 months from the date of issue.  I don't know what the legalities are with regards to Northern Ireland, but it might be worth contacting the registrars office where you sent the marriage notice forms to, just to check that everything is still legal x

  • LilygirlLilygirl Posts: 429

    Hi Danielle

    I sent my M10 forms in almost exactly 12 weeks before the wedding, and it wasn't a problem.

    I've found the registrars office to be really friendly, so probably no harm in phoning to check.  We did get a letter and receipt back to confirm our form, did you get anything like that?

  • I hope i dont have to go through anymore hasstle with thease forms.

    i already had hasstle getting id and ;parents birth certificates ect.

    i didnt get a reciept i got a letter back though

  • Lilygirl where are you getting married?

    I called up and spoke to registrar and she said in Northern Ireland they can accept the notice to marry forms upto 51weeks before the wedding.

    strange how scotland is so strict

  • LilygirlLilygirl Posts: 429

    Sorry, I should have said I'm getting married in Glasgow, but I did think things would be fairly similar.

    I'd have thought if you got a letter back, then you will be fine, if there was a problem they would have said x

  • she told me not to worry everything is sorted, she sorted it.

    i live just outside glasgow, where you getting married and when?

    do you live in ireland? x

  • LilygirlLilygirl Posts: 429

    I actually live in Aberdeen these days, got made redundant a couple of years ago and could only get a job up here or in London. Sorry if I confused you.

    I'm getting married at Pollokshields Burgh Hall in Glasgow, I totally get how hard it is to plan a wedding when you don't live remotely close, H2B has actually still not seen the venue, I saw it and fell in love with it, and it was in budget, but hoping he can see it when we have a few days in Glasgow at the start of July.

    Glad the registrar was so positive image

  • a friend of mine got married there.

    ive not seen any our venues lol just in pics.

    how long have you to go?

  • LilygirlLilygirl Posts: 429

    Just over 2 months to go, starting to think that all this DIY stuff was a bad idea image

  • Lol im sure it will all come together.

    Ive 6weeks to go.

    5.5weeks till i go to ireland x

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