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VW wedding Car

Ive been looking at hiring a VW campervan (from a company based in Belfast) as our wedding car but the price that I have received for this is ridiclously high saying that they wont be doing more than 50 miles on the day.

I was wondering does anyone know of anywhere else I could hire one of these off as we where looking for something a little different for our wedding transport. Otherwise any other suggestions on 'alternative' transport



  • Hi Stacey, Just wondering if you had any luck with your VW camper/Alternative transport?

    Im currently looking for something very similar but not having a whole lot of luck.



  • staceydstaceyd Posts: 5


    There's a crowd in Belfast (star car Hire) that hire them but it was working out very expensive because of the mileage costs and stuff so have decided not to bother with one in the end up.

    It's a bit disappointing but the money they where looking was ridiculous..

    Hope this helps,


  • pinkgempinkgem Posts: 24

    Hi everyone, this may be a little too late but there is company called Legends NI who we are using they have the VW beetle and campers. We are having the camper for the day and it's costing us £280 and no mileage limit.

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