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I am due to get married in 4 weeks and I feel so strongly about how I was treated in pronuptia Belfast that I had to take the time out to write this review. I want to warn all brides of this shop.

I booked an appointment in this shop and my mother and sister came with me as we had no one to look after 2 children they had to come. we arrived at shop stood outside for 5 minutes while they stood and talked, as it was raining we were wet, they grunted at us and appeared to not give a toss who we were, they never offered us a cup of tea like we had been in all other shops.

They picked out dresses for me and I tried them on, they were unhelpful and appeared to not have a clue what they were at. My sister had previously seen a dress in the window that she wanted me to try on and asked, eventually they remembered what one it was and got me the dress. I loved the dress but not the customer service. They asked for deposit of me straight away. I left the shop and looked everywhere for the same dress the nearest I could get dress was Donegal, so I decided to go with pronuptia. I went back into the shop and showed my other sister they were still ignorant and unhelpful. I did consider at this point traveling to Donegal for the dress however as I worked in Belfast I felt it would be better to get it here.

I payed the deposit in oct 2012 and was promised it would be in mid march, I contacted them in April and they said that the dress was not in yet and they would call me back in the next 2 weeks. No contact made I contacted them again and they said the same thing again. I then demanded my dress come in as I needed to get an additional bit made to the dress by my dressmaker.


I got a phone call mid June that my dress was in and they needed payment in next 7 days. I felt this was strange but agreed to come in. Saturday morning at 10am I arrived the shop was full the staff were new did not have a clue what they were doing and I had to tell them what my dress was, veil etc. they could not wait to get out of shop. My mum noticed the dress was a little short and they said this would drop when pressed. I began to not like the dress as they made me get in and out of it so quick. Jackie the owner appeared to make fun of me and was disrespectful towards me

I went and picked the dress up mid July and took it home. Approx 2 weeks ago I took it up to dressmaker to get alterations done, I tried it on and it was 4 inches too short. I obviously became emotional and started to stress out! The dressmaker recommended I rang the shop the next day. I rang the shop and was speaking to Deborah and se said don’t worry we will sort it and Jackie would ring me back within the hour. I waited to 2pm before ringing the shop back as I had not had a return phone call.

I explained to Jackie what happened she said it was not her responsibility as the dress left the shop in July. She was rude and showed no consideration towards me, she told me to wear flip flops and stop stressing. She shouted at me down the phone and left me in floods of tears. I then asked her could I come down and show her and she said no they were fully booked until Monday. I then told her I was coming down as I did not have time to wait that long. I travelled down to Belfast and went into the shop were I was met by Jackie who looked like she couldn’t have cared less. I than showed her the dress and hoop and she said oh use the wrong hoop. I tried on the dress with the correct hoop and it was perfect, Jackie did not apolysie and did not admit it was the shops fault and told me maybe you’ll stop stressing!!

I wish I had gone to Donegal, Jackie has no customer service skills and I would recommend no one to go there!!! Look elsewhere. I am writing this to warn all brides! Please


  • I too am from Belfast and have heard awful things about this shop. It's so central and it must do good business that I just don't understand how they can get away with that behaviour? 

    Sorry to hear of your awful experience there, can you write about dress shops anywhere else like you can for example hotels on trip advisor, because it sounds like people should know about this. 

    i hope you have the most amazing wedding and I am sure your dress will be beautiful xx

  • I'm from NI, live about 30mins from Belfast and yep I've also heard awful things about the customer service in this shop. I definitely won't be going there to pick my dress.

    Glad you finally got sorted with the dress and I'm sure you'll look great image x
  • MrsKToBe2MrsKToBe2 Posts: 28

    I too had an awful time in Pronuptia. Jackie cut me to the bone! I tried on a dress liked it but my sister wasn't sure if it was me, at end of app I asked if she could give me name of dress so I could see it online and show my mum etc. She said don't you worry about what your bridesmaids say your wearing if you like it put a dep down, they won't let you pick their dress so why let them pick yours!! 

    Again this was Jackie-the shop owner I believe. 

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