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tight budget!

Hi I am planning a wedding for 2010 but will only be able to pay around £750 for a photographer. What can I expect for this kind of money? x


  • This may not be what you want but have you though of getting friends to do it. You could buy a couple of cheap digital cameras to give people, although most have their own so you may not even need to do that. You can them get amazing books made at places like.
  • esf_rayesf_ray Posts: 394
    You should actually be able to get a fairly decent photographer for that price, I have found a couple who come in much lower than that. Have a look on the net and see if they have samples of their work online so you can decide if you like their style.
  • Hey there! Where are you getting married? I'm getting married in Glasgow and my friend put me in touch with 'errochcameron' photography who looks FAB! He used to worked for a big company and got fed up with how poor wee people like you and me get exploited on their big day so he left and set up for himself. He only charges £600 for photography. I've not met him yet but his web site looks reallly good. So there are some decent people out there image
  • where are you getting married? I've found some cheap ones that are good if you can let me know your area? Xxxx
  • where are you getting married? I've found some cheap ones that are good if you can let me know your area? Xxxx
  • Princ3ssukPrinc3ssuk Posts: 36
    I might be a month late but I've just signed up, this website is great. Hey Heva4747, personally I don't think I'm going to use a professional photographer because were on a budget and I think there will be enough attendants to help us cut the cost on photography. I don't know of any professional photographers but I'd advise you to be selective with the pics that you want, decide what's most important to you and make sure the photographer is able to get these shots. You could use a digital camera, give it to a responsible person that wouldn't mind capturing some good shots on your big day. If you know anybody that can edit photo's, ask them to do a photo album for you.

    This is probably more along the lines that I'm thinking of. Hope it helps. x
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