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Hi everyone

Welcome to our Best of British webchat with our in house experts, Jane Anderson and Amanda Statham.

They've got all you need to know on UK travel, whether it's family-friendly resorts, romantic first night hotels, hen nights, honeymoons or mini-moons in the UK.

So make sure you make the most of their expertise

If you'd like to ask them a question, simply click "post reply" in this thread and type your question into the box. Their reply will appear in the same thread (but please bear with us if we get busy, your question will be answered as soon as we can!)



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  • MrsQM2MrsQM2 Posts: 3,723

    We are going on honeymoon a few months after our wedding (to catch the cruise we wanted) but we would like to go to the Peak District for a couple of nightsin August, just after the wedding to chill out a bit. Can you recommend any luxury hotels? We have come across The Lodge at Chatsworth House, but have not booked as yet.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    Many thanks


  • amandastathamamandastatham Posts: 111
    Hi QM2,

    sounds like a great idea to honeymoon in the UK and away, that way you get two trips!

    A popular hotel in the Peak District for newlyweds is Ringwood Hall Hotel, which is a Georgian, Grade II listed manor house and really swish inside. They rooms are massive and very comfortable, but not in a chintzy, British B&B way. It's also been awarded three AA*, so you're pretty much guaranteed a great stay!

    For more research, I'd recommend logging on to, which has lots of listings for all types of hotels in the area. It's very comprehensive and provides web links.

    Happy honeymooning

    Amanda x
  • Lula_sweetpeaLula_sweetpea Posts: 1,401

    we're getting married in Suffolk early july and were thinking of going up to Norfolk for a mini-moon. We are looking for somewhere special, either luxury or something with lots of character or if you can think of something unusual!

    Also considering Suffolk but we've never been to Norfolk although I've always wanted to!

    Thank you very much
  • amandastathamamandastatham Posts: 111

    QM2, is that Owen Wilson or does your hubby-to-be just look like him? Jane and I are speculating.

    If you are marrying Owen Wilson, can I come to the wedding?!

    Amanda x
  • Hi Lula_Sweetpea

    Norfolk is a great place for a minimoon. I went recently on a fact finding trip and would recommend The Victoria at Holkham hotel or Titchwell Manor which has a fabulously romantic detached little house called The Potting Shed. Really romantic with large rustic bed, rolltop bath with candles and private deck for cocktails/dinner. You can explore the amazing beaches around there and lovely towns and villages like Burnham Market.

    Hope that helps.

    All the best

    Jane, Travel Editor
  • sarahmcclenaghansarahmcclenaghan Posts: 5,890
    Could you recommend a nice, romantic honeymoon suite in Nottingham for the wedding night? We're having our reception at the Lakeside so we are within reach of the city and surrounding area.

  • falandbfalandb Posts: 1,240
    hi me and h2b want to honeymoon in the uk we are currently in Berkshire but will travel anywhere lol

    we only have 4 days fpor our honeymoon

    any suggestions
  • Hello,

    we are getting married in July 2009 and have no idea where to honeymoon that is in season (lovely and hot) with lots of activities to do.. any suggestions? we were thinking of south america?

    what do you suggest?

    many thanks
  • amandastathamamandastatham Posts: 111
    Hi Lula_sweetpea,

    the places Jane suggested are gorgeous and def worth a look. Just thought I'd add that you may want to have a look at cruising on the Norfolk Broads as an addition to your mini moon.

    I'm actually looking into this myself at the moment for this summer. Far from being a few old canal boats chugging around, I've found that there are some super sleek boats for hire which would be awesome for a honeymoon.

    Check out Posh Boats, and you'll be suprised how cool they are (more like Cannes than canals!).

    Amanda x
  • clarissyukclarissyuk Posts: 99
    hi our honeymoon will be at the begining of May and we are looking at south east asia: of Thailand, Langkawi or Bali which would be the best weather wise?
  • falandbfalandb Posts: 1,240
    sorry forgot to say the wedding is october 31st 2008
  • Lula_sweetpeaLula_sweetpea Posts: 1,401
    Ooo I like the sound of the potting shed! Thank you Jane,off to investigate. I am quite tempted by hiring a vw camper as a suprise for h2b and doing a little tour around too! V exciting!
  • Gracie_bukGracie_buk Posts: 488
    we're on a budget... what can you suggest for a pre wedding mini-moon getaway close to Lincolnshire ?
  • Dear Mrs Stewart 2 be

    If you're thinking of the UK, Cornwall has some of the most romantic places to explore. How about heading to the north coast to the St Moritz hotel with its Cowshed spa and you'll be able to explore Rock, Padstow (Rick Stein country) and surrounding beaches. Just down the coast is Jamie Oliver's 15 restaurant outside Newquay. Alternatively on the southern coast is the pretty town of St Mawes with the fabulous Tresanton Hotel. If you want to feel like you're heading somewhere exotic, the Scilly Isles are stunning.

    For more information about Britain in general, take a look at

    Happy honeymooning.


  • amandastathamamandastatham Posts: 111
    Hi Disney Princess,

    okay, there are two hotels in Nottingham that I think are perfect for honeymooners. The first is the Lace Market ( which is where stars stay when they're in town. I've been to review it and can confirm it's a winner, from the very tasteful, neutral decor through to the cool little front bar. There's a great split-level corner room you could ask for, which is more money, but worth it for a blow-out first night.

    The city's second top hotel is Harts. It's actually near the castle's ramparts on the hill so offers really great views as night. I actually reviewed this for a hen night (not a rowdy one, a spa-type one) and they put us up in a suite. It was FAB. The restaurant there is quite famous, so if you've got the time you may want to have lunch/dinner at some point. Check it out at

    Amanda x

  • HannahMcCluneHannahMcClune Posts: 299
    Hello- for our 1year to go anniversary (!) we are thinking of going to Edinburgh for the weekend as neither of us have been before. We'll only have the Sat and Sun there- do you have any tips on what we should try to fit in sightseeing wise and place to eat/drink?

    Thank you x

  • Oops sorry I just realised that its for British moons - I can get ahead of myself at times... sorry
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I am really tempted by the El Dorado Seaside suites for a honeymoon - located in the Riveria Maya in Mexico.

    We will be travelling in July and was wanting to ask - have you heard any reviews of this hotel and is the weather dire in mexico during July.

    Thanks x
  • Dear Clarissy

    April to June is a fabulous time to head to Bali. It's the dry season and the temperature averages a blissful 27 degrees C. There are simply stunning hotels there such as the Four Seasons Sayan and Uma Ubud both in the artisan town of Ubud in the centre of the country.

    Have a great time


  • daniellekukdaniellekuk Posts: 313

    I wonder if you could help? My fiance and I are wanting to book our honeymoon and after having looked at Mauritius, Maldives and Malaysia, we now feel that Thailand would best suit our needs. We are wanting to travel on the 6/7 January 2009 and looking to stay for 14/15 nights.

    We feel that Thailand would be great as we are wanting a mix of relaxation, lying on the beach, diving, spa treatments and pampering, elephant trekking and golf. In particular we think that Koh Samui would suit us perfectly and I have even found a beautiful resort called Napasai. However I am now confused about the weather as I have had people tell me January is a great time to go and also people tell me it is still wet?

    Could you please advise? If you have any other suggestions based on what we are looking for I would also be very grateful.

    Many thanks

  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    oops sorry just realised the same thing as mrs w2b apologies
  • Black-RoseBlack-Rose Posts: 4,305

    I have just paid for our honeymoon in Florida today, we fly on 20th August. We have got a 21 day pass to disneyworld and a 2 week multi park flexi pass. We also want to fit in some shopping and at some point I would like to relax.

    Have you got any tips on how to survive all these theme parks and see everything and fit everything in in 3 weeks.

    We are staying at a hotel in Kissimee so all food will have to be bought too. How much spending money would you suggest we take ?



  • amandastathamamandastatham Posts: 111
    Hi Mrs W2B,

    I know where you're coming from as this is something that we hear a lot. Brides know when they're getting married and have a rough idea where they want to go, but they don't know if the weather is right!

    Well, you're in luck if you really want to go to South America as this is a perfect time to visit. Brazil would be a good choice, as you've got a city to explore, rainforest plus great beaches to laze on if the temperatures get too hot.

    I'll give you a few other places that are ideal for July to get you started. Long-haul, you can't beat Hawaii, year-round. It's pretty much always warm there and you don't get many showers. Combine it with a stop-off in New York or LA. It's actually not a bad time to visit the Indian Ocean, such as Mauritius. You're out of monsoon season, but temperatues will be very hot. Closer to home, how about Greece? It's going to be heavenly in July.

    Good luck and don't forget to keep a look out for honeymoon ideas in You & Your Wedding.

    Amanda x
  • sarahmcclenaghansarahmcclenaghan Posts: 5,890
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Both sound amazing will put it to my fiance tonight image this has been annoying me for a while in all honesty so finally we're a step closer to booking the wedding night hotel rather than staying at home! xx
  • daniellekukdaniellekuk Posts: 313
    oops - just realised this is a webchat about British travel. Apologies
  • sueian3sueian3 Posts: 938
    Hi there

    Whilst we would love to go to somewhere exotic for our honeymoon there are many reasons why we can't and so it looks like the good old UK for us. We will be taking our 4 year old daughter with us as it is the last week off my H2B will have before March 2009 and he wants to spend that week with her.

    We love the Lake District but I am not sure if that will be entertaining enough for the little one for 5 days at the end of September. Can you recommend anywhere there where we might be able to accomodate the little one but also has a little bit of romance for us - after all it is supposed to be our honeymoon
  • rainbowgoldrainbowgold Posts: 308
    Hi there, we're getting married in Italy this Sept, so H2B wants to go on honeymoon to Italy, problem is I've travelled quite a bit, and feel a bit disappointed to be having a honeymoon in Europe somewhere I go a lot, I have heard that positano and also the Aolian islands though are good, where can you recommend for a 2 week break? Also to make it more special we may go on a real (ie long distance honeymoon later on in the year, or Feb next year. H2B fancies a coast to coast drive USA, which I am happy with, but would also like to end it with a week on a beach , ie Bahamas or somewhere we can snorkel, dive and have a relaxing time. I love the Maldives, but is there anywhere we can go similar at the end of a USA drive trip to relax?
  • amandastathamamandastatham Posts: 111
    Hi Gracie_b,

    Allington Manor near Grantham in Lincolnshire is rather special. It dates back to the 17th century and the rooms are all individually furnished and quite quirky, such as having a freestanding bath tub in the room. There's one with a four-poster too, which is spot on for honeymooners. It's not a contemporary hotel, but I think it's perfect if you're looking for a romantic place to spend a few days snuggled up together! It's also got a really good restaurant and lots of lovely countryside on its doorstep as it's near the Vale of Belvoir. Have a look at it on

    Amanda x
  • sweetheart85uksweetheart85uk Posts: 2,037
    Hello, Im wondering if ou could suggest anywere for a february honeymoon that isnt too far away?

    thank you
  • rainbowgoldrainbowgold Posts: 308
    PS. Sorry to bombard you with questions... alternatively is it possible to go on honeymoon to South of Italy and then fly from there to somewhere exotic, or do we have to come back via UK?
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