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I am getting married in October and need some sort of something to cover my shoulders, the websites i have looked at have heavy shawls and i dont want to cover the delicate beading on the bodice. Does anyone know of any good websites pls?

Also, I have a delicate bodice on the dress and a veil- is it too much to have a tiara as well and do you think its really necklace for a necklace even? Dont want to detract from the dress! Any ideas welcome...



  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    Hiya i got a duchess satin wrap from "Wrapor" the design is fantastic as doesn't cover up the lace and beading on my dress. I can't recommend it enough. Is so comfortable and secure too. They do lots of different fabrics and colours. Hope that helps
  • holljay_69holljay_69 Posts: 16
    many thanks for this- will have a look now

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