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Welcome to our wedding cake webchat

Hi Everyone

Welcome to our wedding cake webchat with Eric Lanlard from Savoir Design,

Whether you want help deciding between cupcakes and traditional tiers, what flavour, style or shape to go for, or even practical advice on how to transport your cake and how long it'll last, ask Eric!

If you'd like to ask him a question, simply click "post reply" in this thread and type your question into the box. His reply will appear in the same thread (but please bear with us if we get busy, your question will be answered as soon as we can!)

Enjoy yourselves




  • fsm21fsm21 Posts: 471
    Hi Eric, really exciting to be able to pick your brains!

    Could you offer your expertise to help me decide on a colour scheme for my cake please? We have ordered the cake from P.V. in the following link but we can change the chocolate colours if we wish to:

    Our wedding colours are dark brown, cream and yellow but we are unsure whether to keep the original design of the cake in the picture or have each tier in dark chocolate with each top rosette in white chocolate - or vice versa. Alternatively, we could have alternating tiers (base + rosette) in dark and white chocolate! It is hard to envisage which would work the best...

    We also need to make a decision re: when to serve the cake. It has fresh cream in it so will not be able to display for hours on end (getting married in August). We were hoping to serve it during the speeches with coffee after the wedding breakfast, would this be suitable or should we wait until the evening reception? If we wait, it will have to be dismantled and put in cold storage until later. Many thanks.

  • skeastukskeastuk Posts: 808
    hello! I have a question about flowers - we're having a 3 tier sqaure cake and want some roses stacked tightly between each layer, we want roses, but haven't really thought about how we're going to put them in each layer without making the cake fall over! also am worried about the corners of it too! anyway your advice would be much appreciated! thank you!
  • Dear Fab Bride

    I would advise you to stick to one colour - either all white chocolate or dark chocolate. The cake will look much more sophisticated and you can always introduce a bit of colour by adding fresh flowers.

    From the description of the website the cake sounds like it is more of a dessert type cake so I would recommend serving it during the evening reception. Or why not use it as your pudding as part of your wedding breakfast menu? You will need the cake to be kept in the fridge until the time of serving.

    Good luck with your wedding.

  • Hello Senara

    This is a very popular way to use floewers as part of the wedding cake decoration. To avoid any disaster the cake should be blocked (with oasis foam with dowling rods going right through the cake and the foam) to ensure that you can push your roses securely without damaging the cake. As far the corners just 'fluff' up the petals.

    Good luck!


  • fsm21fsm21 Posts: 471
    Thanks very much, Eric, it will certainly look less 'fussy' if its all in one colour.

    We already have a dessert included in the price of the wedding breakfast; by evening reception do you mean the evening buffet during the party? If so, do you think we can display the cake for a couple of hours during the day reception, then cold store it until plating & serving in the evening? Thank you!
  • bonbonxbonbonx Posts: 1
    We are on a very tight budget and the cake is not high on our priorities. We were thinking about going for a shop bought cake in differing sizes and having a family friend add some decoration or fresh flowers. Have you any opinion on shop bought cakes and can you recommend any in particular.
  • davjindavjin Posts: 69
    Hi Eric - i hope you can help me with a cake - we ar having a relaxed wedding but we are having a meal etc - but relaxed as in cars are camper vans etc. so we find some traditional cakes a bit to formal - we cant something nice but not naff - does that make sense - we also plan on cutting it and it being eaten that day so not mega expensive woule help. We are having a green (sage) and silver colour. Can you help? Thanks
  • Hi Bonbonx

    I would recommend going to Waitrose or Marks and Spencers who both sell classic looking wedding cakes. You can then decorate your cake with fresh floweres using flower picks that are sold in good cake decorating shops. Google for your nearest shop or quite often they sell online.

    Good luck with your wedding.

  • skeastukskeastuk Posts: 808
    Thank you very much Eric! I'll make sure that they do this, and that they 'fluff' up the petals for the corners!
  • Hi again Fabbride

    You can display your cake during the day and then have it put back in the fridge to bring out sliced for serving during the evening buffet. At least the chef will have plenty of time and won't be rushed.

  • Hello Nofussbride

    I would recommend that you continue your 'no fuss' theme by going for a variety of different cakes such as a Victoria sponge, a chocolate cake, a strawberry gateaux etc.. displayed on different height cake stands so that it looks more like a country fete. Very relaxed and informal plus it will look really great to look at.

    Good luck

  • Natashauk1Natashauk1 Posts: 470
    Hi Eric

    I'm having awful trouble finding a picture of a cake I like...!

    Our colours are dusky pink and ivory with a hint of silver and I'd quite like to use a bit of colour in my cake, I also like the idea of having icing piped around the side of the cake, maybe with vows or a poem but but I want it to look romantic and classy not tacky.

    What suggestions do you have to achieve this look?

    Many thanks image
  • caz88caz88 Posts: 4
    Hi Eric,

    I am trying to keep on a budget regarding my cake and thought of getting and M&S 3 teir one with just sponge jam and butter cream.

    Would you have any idea how long it will keep once it has been cut in the evening?

    We were wanting to take some to relatives who cannot come to our wedding due to ill health but the last thing I want to do is give them stale cake!

    Also, if I was to extend the budget for a cake we would only want a sponge one with no marzipan on top. Would this make a difference as to how long it would keep for?

    Hope you can help

    Best wishes

  • Hi Tasha

    I would suggest that you 'trawl' the net for more pictures of weddings cakes and further inspiration. Look mostly on US websites as their cakes tend to be a lot more innovative. Personally I would pipe the vows or the poem at the base of each tier so that it looks like a ribbon around the cake in silver. This will be subtle and not tacky. You can always introduce the other colours in your scheme by using fresh flowers on the top of each tier or in between the tiers.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Caz

    A sponge cake obviously does not keep for very long particulary once it's been cut. I would suggest that you buy at least one tier iced fruit cake just for the purpose of sending to relatives and this could be your top tier. A fruit cake will keep for a long time and it will be worth the additional expense.

    Good luck

  • caz88caz88 Posts: 4
    Thanks Eric that's a very good idea

    You have been a great help!

  • Natashauk1Natashauk1 Posts: 470
    Thanks Eric. You've given me lots to think about and search for!

    Much appreciated
  • Hi Eric!

    Got loads of questions for you. My Mum was a cake decorator years ago and has always wanted to make my wedding cake and now she has the opportunity next year!! First of all where can we get the diamante broches found on simple cakes that are modern right now, where can we also find the stick in pins of crystal that can be gathered and stuck into the cake for effect, where can i get the crystal garlands that can go round the bottom and dont look cheap and tacky like when i type it into google search. Is rum or brandy best poured into the fruit cake, and best suppliers for all our ingredients needs maripan etc.. and finally!! Any good carrott cake recipes that are moist and yummy that can be made as a cutting cake, and dont like the cream cheese toppings!! All suppliers need to be in a manchester area.

    Thanks so much
  • bbear690bbear690 Posts: 97
    how many tiers will i need to feed 80 evening guests?

    where can i find fun toppers ?

  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Hi Eric,

    I have booked your company to do our wedding cake for our wedding in Sept 08 and we loved the tasting!!

    We chat about your company on the BigBudgetBride Section!

    Anyway, my question is that I am having a small top layer cake and I have not decided what decor for it. So we are going with a white plain colour, can you let me know if you are able to do tiny dots around the top and a brown sash around the botton of it, held with a brooch?

    Many thanks

  • Hi Andrea

    Your mum must be delighted to make your wedding cake. I'm going to give you one of my 'little' secrets. I get most of our decorations such as brooches and wired crystal from floristry suppliers - they are a mine of fabulous ideas.

    I prefer brandy to rum as I find rum a bit over-powering and many people don't like it.

    As for a good recipe for carrott cake I would log on to

    Good luck!

  • Hi Eric,

    My mum is making our cake and is doing a great job of re-creating something like this:

    However, she's having difficulty getting the thin bits of 'lacy' icing to stick to the sides of the cake - any advice? The base icing over the cake is a white chocolate couverture type thing, and the lace icing over the top is something else (can't remember what I'm afraid!). Hope you can help!
  • telteluktelteluk Posts: 38
    hi, to keep to a small budget I am going to make cupcakes (chocolate, carrot and vanilla flavours). How far a head can I make them and do you recommend a topping, I know butter cream doesn't last very long. Thanks
  • Hello Mrs D Tobe

    I think three tiers will serve 80 guests. For cake toppers check the internet partiucarly US sites - they are a lot of fun.

    Good luck

  • lighthouseuklighthouseuk Posts: 370
    Hi Eric,

    We're looking at having an Italian style wedding cake - one large one-tier rectangular cake - enough to feed 150. I've only seen it abroad, and not found anyone on this site who has had anything similar or a cake-maker to take it on yet!

    Could you suggest how large it would need to be?
  • Hi

    We most certainly can do tinydots around the top and a brown sash around the buttom of it, held with a brooch. We look forward to making it.

    I hope all the other preparations are going well.

    Eric x
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Thanks Eric all preparations are getting there! I will defo go with that design. I sometimes dream about your tangy lemon cake from our tasting. Yum Yum.

    Have a good evening.

  • Thanks so much Eric for your advice will be pestering the local floristy suppliers from now on for great ideas, will also check out the carrott cake on this website, thanks for answering so many of my questions! Andreax
  • Hi Surrey Bride 27

    Usually those type of intricate lace designs are made using Royal icing on an iced covered cake. If yours is coated with white chocolate it's probably the reason it won't stick. If your mother is using white chocolate to pipe the decoration it should work.

    I hope this is clear.

    Good luck

  • Hi Teltel

    I would recommend making your cupcakes as close as possible to the wedding day as they have a tendency to 'dry out' fairly quickly. I would recommend you look for a recipe of

    cream cheese frosting - it's make tastier and easier to work with.

    Good luck


    Good luck with your
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