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Argghhh Favours!!

Hello Ladies, i'm new to this but it all looks very helpful! I have spent the best part of 6 months looking for the perfect favours to no avial! I know i'm perhaps being a little fussy but i just want them to be perfect! I'm thinking perhaps chocolate but i want something a bit posh? Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm doing my own head in i think trying to find the perfect ones but i just want them to be right!! Thanks in advance for any sugestions and congrats to you all i'm sure your all as excited about being a "mrs" as me!!! ;0)


  • lorraine4597lorraine4597 Posts: 569
    im having the same trouble, im getting married abroad so wanted something to do with a beach i bought personalized rock but cant get small buckets cheap enough without spending hundreds of pounds h2b wont let me lol
  • I'm thinking 'fans' for the ladies in fuschia pink to match my theme. Might be useful for a hot August day!
  • suppygsuppyg Posts: 7
    it's a bit of a nightmare isn't it?! You just want everything to be perfect and end up causing more stress for yourself ha ha. Mine's the same i'm not allowed to go mad! I've seen quite a few websites with buckets on. Have you tried ebay? or there is a company called wedding less ordinary? Try just typing in google favours? where are you getting married?

  • suppygsuppyg Posts: 7
    wannabprincess they sound gorge! What will u do for the men?
  • lorraine4597lorraine4597 Posts: 569
    im getting married in dominican republic in march cant wait. yeah saw buckets on ebay but was something like £3.75 for 5 but i need 150-170. so that all adds up
  • Hi Pri

    Where abouts do you live, because I found a lady that is based in Matlock Derbyshire and she is brilliant and she is doing our favours

    She takes your ideas and creates something special for you and when I went to see my samples I was blown away they where out of this world and I could not believe how beautiful they where.

    Let me know and If you do not live close by I can give you her email address to see if she would ship them out to you

    Kind regards

  • How about these, custom M&M's with your names on one side and the wedding date on the other? They even let you choose the colour of the sugar coating so you can match it up to your colour scheme! Or you can get ones with your's and your grooms picture printed on either side of the M&M now!

    I love them, but h2b and I have decided on mini packs of Love Hearts instead because both sets of our parents are paying for the wedding and we don't want to seem like we are taking the p***!
  • We're having green and blacks miniature chocolate bars as favours for the ladies. You pick 3 bars and they wrap them whichever colour ribbon you want to coordinate with your colour scheme. It's worth a look on their website...
  • suppygsuppyg Posts: 7
    Oooo i like the sound of the m&m's!! they sound cool!! But then again the mini chocs sound a good choice! Emma04 the mini chocolate bars what the website address?
  • I was worried too with 120 guests it adds up! but I got 120 boxes of ebay for £16.50 bargain and a bag of crystals from Zen cystal shop 150 for £22.00 as I asked the shop owner to get them for me wholesale and she did image so I'm putting a crystal in my boxes with chocolates & almonds. I have always been into crystals and tarots etc so I thought it was a nice personal touch from us. Also it has all worked out less then £1.00 a Favour which is affordable. ps: if you can wait till Christmas or even better January to buy your almonds & sweets much cheaper again from places like Aldi also for fantastic wrap ameretto biscuits.
  • clairethornclairethorn Posts: 131
    wow, love the m&ms, but not the price!

    we are having some personalised love hearts (wrapper personalised not sweets!) were £30 for 100 from ebay

    i went a bit mad and got boxes and lots of other sweets, and spent around £10 per favour! oops

    prob m&ms would have been cheaper

  • Almost forgot, you can get just married rock sweets or mr & mrs on ebay again cheap...
  • We're haing Champagne truffles for the woman Baileys fudge for the men and personalised biscuits for the kids, the lady whos making them is also making our wedding cake, they're really lovely and she does other favours as well.
  • KpeacockukKpeacockuk Posts: 351
    I have also spent ages deciding! As we are getting married in the Lakes we have decided to give gingerbread biscuits from Grasmere Ginger Bread shop. They are in the shape of hearts and come in boxes decorated according to your chosen theme. As we are only having 70 guests I have a little more money to spend on each person so I might also get the ladies hand fans tied with ribbon.

  • wow honey th u so muh there perfect thank you

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