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wedding favors!!!!

someone please help...i want something a bit different for the ladies as appose to chocolates that also doesnt cost a fortune!! any ideas?


  • AstridukAstriduk Posts: 99
    I'm thinking of buying these lovely lilttle boxes of matches from a company called 'Cox and Cox' - they have the dictionary definition of the word marriage on as the design... was thinking of teaming these with tiny heart candles for the ladies...?? matches are about £35 for 50 boxes...loads of candle websites - but my fave are the 'wedding' scented tart candles from Yankee... BEAutiful!

    Good luck!x
  • Im getting married in dom republic next oct, any idea for favors, have got boxes, looking for sumthing different, with 3 seven year olds and one 4 year old inc in party, any one help xx
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