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Hi everyone

Welcome to our honeymoon webchat with Leanne from Seasons in Style. She's got all the advice you need to help plan your dream honeymoon

If you'd like to ask her a question, simply click "post reply" in this thread and type your question into the box. Her reply will appear in the same thread (but please bear with us if we get busy, your question will be answered as soon as we can!)

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  • Hi,

    I get married in Sept 09 and my finance and I are really stuggling on where to go. We both love hot weather but he can't imagine lying on a beach for 2 weeks (I can - book and cocktails!). Do you have any suggestions?


  • zabelzabel Posts: 7

    Thanks for your time!

    I'm getting married next May and so need some ideas for honeymoons in early June. I'm keen to go somewhere that will be totally relaxing and also isn't crowded by lots of other newlyweds (no offence everyone!!). Can you recommend destinations that are likely to have a good amount of sun for that time of year?

    Thank you once again

  • Hi Leanne, My H2B and I forgot to budget for our honeymoon and got a bit carried away with planning the wedding we forgot we might need a bit of a break afterwards. As a result we have only £1000 - £1500(max) to honeymoon with. We are getting married on the 23rd Of August this year and we need to book something soon. I would love a really wow honeymoon but we just dont have a wow budget to do it.

    H2B wants/needs some sun, as he is fed up of the scottish summer = rain. Hee-hee!

    Where would you recommend? Would prefer 3 * plus - just to be totally picky! image
  • Hi Little Kylie,

    Why not compromise? Twin centre Dubai and Maldives or Mauritius.

    Dubai offers shopping, indoor ski slopes, dune bashing and water parks.

    The Maldives and Mauritius are your ideal beach destinations.

    The idea is total relaxation but of course there is scuba diving, cooking lessons etc.

    I think this would keep you both happy.

    A similar idea would be Bangkok and a Thai Beach Resort?
  • Hi Leanne

    we are getting married in March 2009 and hope to have about three weeks off for a honeymoon. We have a buget of about £3000. However we are struggling to think of where!

    We had thought about italy. I like beaches and sight seeing and he likes adventure! But is this a good time to go, and where!

    any thoughts, ideas would be much appreciated

  • (This post has been deleted.)
  • Sorry Leanne I should have said, I have done quite a bit of travelling in the past so Dubai and Thailand are out. We had thought about 1 week safari and one week beach. What do you think? Is September a good time? Also could you suggest places?

    Thanks - this is a god send!image
  • Hi Zlamb,

    I'm actually looking for something similar myself next year.

    Weatherwise, your best bet has to be Europe.

    Europe shouldnt be over run with us Honeymooners I am finding the Indian Ocean is a favourite at the moment.

    Avoid hotels with children's facilites.

    In Crete we feature a hotel named Elounda Gulf Villas. These are private and secluded but are part of a larger resort so you get the best of both worlds...privacy but lots of facilities.

    In Zante - Porto Zante Deluxe Villas...these are totally parivate villas and whilst there is a spa, the focus is very much on spending time with each other.

    Italy, something along the Amalfi Coast...very romantic...Hotel Il San!

    Hope this helps!

  • niki18_ukniki18_uk Posts: 444

    we are wanting to go to Italy to go to Florence, Rome, Tuscany and then to Ischia

    we want to spend 3 weeks but we want to go to hotels that are a little bit different, do you have any reccomendations?

    Also do you have any reccommendation of extra things that we can do while we are there to make it extra special???

    Thanks in advance

  • MiSsCuPcAkEMiSsCuPcAkE Posts: 122
    Hi Leanne,

    My fiance and I are planning to go to the Amalfi Coast for our honeymoon in sept 2009. We are on a reasonablly small (for this destination) budget of 2.5k and the other important thing is that I'm not great with heights so we'd like some cheapish hotels near the bottom of the cliffs...can you give any advice for this.

    Many thanks, Jemma
  • Hi Wee Princess,

    A fantastic hotel offering great value for money is Legends in Mauritius.

    They offer a complimentary room for the bride!

    With looking into the exact details I cant give you a specific price but it definitely worth checking out.

    The Hotel Annabelle, Cyprus is also great value for money.

    It is owned by Thanos Hotels and was recently refurbished and has a great atmosphere.

    Or why not go for 3-4 nights in a city? Something totally different.

    Venice? Rome?

  • TheDocukTheDocuk Posts: 99
    Hi Leanna, thank you for taking time to help us all.

    We are getting married next february (the end of the month). We were originally considering Mauritius, but we have read that the weather is not great that time of year? We have therefore started looking at the Maldives or Caribbean-probably St Lucia.

    We want to go all inclusive (St Lucia possibly a Sandals resort) for 2 weeks. Hopefully with great weather, but also with something to do as my partner is just recovering from skin cancer and therefore cannot be in direct sun for too long. Where would you advise us to go and any particular resorts?

    Many thanks

  • Thank you Leanne, will look in to Legends and the Annabelle - we had been looking at cyprus, so thats great. Thanks for all of your help.
  • Hi Sonja,

    I wouldnt hesitate to go to Thailand at that time of year. The rain is heavy but only lasts for around and hour and afterwards it dries up so quickly you wouldnt have known it had been raining!

    Generally Koh Samui is dryer at that time of year and there is so much to do around that area. As well as being a beautiful beach destination, it is very cultural.

    We feature a hotel named Santiburi that offers everything from tennis to siamese sailing junk.

    Bangkok is a must if you are going to Thailand and you can get even 4* hotels at really competitive prices.

    Thanks image
  • lucyw81lucyw81 Posts: 9
    Hi Leanne,

    I am getting married at the end of next May and so will be going on honeymoon at the start of June.. My h2b and I were thinking of Bermuda but are not sure of the weather there at that time of year as we've heard conflicting reports! Also, we've heard it's pretty expensive to eat and drink out there. Can you give me some much needed advice please? Thanks!
  • Hi Helen,

    March can be a little hit and miss weather wise in Italy.

    Many hotels offer discounts particularly for Honeymooners.

    Blue Waters Antigua is good value and offer, for example, comp upgrades to Honeymooners.

    As mentioned previously hotels such as Legends and Beau Rivage have fantastic offers and I'm sure you would get something around your budget.

    A really popular destiantion this year has been Hotel Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt - On it's own private beach. Great price and its somewhere thats a little different - not your usual honeymoon destination. Of course, this way you have access to all of the sights that Egypt has to offer.


  • Hi Little Kylie,

    In that case South Africa would be ideal.

    The perfect scenario, dependant on budget, would be Cape Town 2 nights, Garden Route (travel through the Winelands) 3 nights, ending with a 3 night safari.

    This is ideal as if offers the diversity of a city break combined with the stunning scenery of the Winelands and the game reserves are truly awe inspiring. Some hotels will even page you in the night if they find a lions!

    Or maybe Vietnam and Cambodia? A tour would be perfect here.

    2 nights Hanoi, 4 nights Hoi Am, 4 nights Nha Trang - Saigon, then on to Siem Reap to see the stunning Angkor Wat.

    Hope this helps !

  • Hi Tink,

    Unfortunately, Costa Rica is not an area we feature so I dont know too much about it. I do know it is a really stunning up and coming destination.

    Fiji is a private island holiday so it can work out expensive, depending on budget.

    You havent mentioned dates but the best time of year to go to South Pacific is our Summer.

    Tahiti is a great to do a couple of islands but like Fiji it is very much a beach destiation with not too much going on.

    I know you have been to Hawaii, however it is very commercialised compared to the South Pacific.

    Fiji & Tahiti are fab for diving, dolphin experiences, great beaches and really really chilling out! As you can imagine there wont be much night life but New Zealand offers everything from volcanoes, vineyards, beaches, fjordlands, adventure and fantastic scenery so these would be great to twin.

    Re airline tickets, the best ticket for you to travel on would be selceted. the tour operator that you book with wold give you all options and prices.


  • Hi Nikki,

    What a lovely idea!

    You dont say when youre hoping to travel but there are always events such as ballets, operas etc taking place in the areas you mention. The tourist board can help here.

    A great hotel in Venice is Cirpiani - it is just across from St Marks Square and not your average 'gondola' hotel. This is where the Bellini was invented!.

    Something a little different would be Hotel Villa San Michele in the Fiesole region is something different. It was a 15th century Franciscan monastery neslted in the Fiesle hills. The facade was designed by Michaelangelo. They have their own cookery school and a wide range of gastronomy courses.

    Another great add on would be Venicve Simplon Orient Express...very romantic and takes in destiations such as Rome, Vienna, Prague, Budapest.

  • hello!!

    h2b and i have opted for corfu but he is worried about what to do when there? do you have any ideas? and also how to get there because he is upset that we have to fly with a budget airline? is there another way to get to corfu?
  • Hi Jemma,

    Its a shame you dont like heights as the views of the Amalfi Coast are unbelievable. This is why many of the hotels are high up. A good option in terms of both price and location is Grand Hotel excelsior Vittoria. This is a small hotel with around 98 rooms and is set in the heart of the town.

    Hope this helps!
  • Hi TheDoc,

    Caribbean is good at that time of year.

    St Lucia, some great hotels are Cotton Bay ( newish hotel with fab discounts), Discovery at Marigot Bay ( great location- have a look at their website - marina area has a pattiserie and bar, lovely for evening time) or Jalousie Plantation (on a beautiful whitesand beach, free night offers).

    Somewhere a little different, Tobago - Hotel Coco Reef (the premier beachfront hotel on the island and GREAT savings on all inclusive).

    I hope this is of inspiration!
  • TheDocukTheDocuk Posts: 99
    Hi Leanne

    Many thanks for this-we hadn't even thought about Tobago. I shall go and have a look now :\)
  • Hi Lucy,

    Bermuda tends to get conflicting reports as it is a Caribbean island so people tend to think our winter is the best time to travel.

    However, it is not really near the Caribbean (proboably closer to New york!) so their Summer season is similar to the UK. Therefore best time to travel is Jul/Aug but May would be very pleasant.

    If I'm honest, it can be expensive.

    I went to New York for 3 nights and Bermuda for 4 nights - this obviously helps keep the costs down and its only a 2 hour flight between the two.

    I Hope that makes sense!

  • Hi SaffaBride,

    The best time to book is as early as possible...I cannot stress that enough!

    Not only do you get the most choice but prices always go up.

    You may get great discounts in the peak January bnooking period but the basic prices have gone up from what they were.

  • Hi Engaged Princess,

    If I'm not mistaken, you dont have to fly low cost.

    There are plenty of charter airlines that fly directly to Corfu such as Thomson, First Choice & Thomas Cook. The majority of charter airlines have meals on board and in flight entertainment.

    There is so much to do in Corfu - If your both active - theres a huge waterpark called Aqualand. There are various boat trips to mainland greece and also to nearby Paxos (a very small, unspoilt neighbouring island).

    The tourist board website is really informative.

  • Hi Leanne,

    We are getting married in November this year and were looking at Thailand as a possibility - Bangkok for a couple of nights then on to a beach resort.

    We have been before but not to the west coast and were thinking about the Krabi area - is it very quiet? If so, is Phuket a better bet?

    Do you have any recommendations of were to stay, affordable luxury?

    Is there anything you can recommend to see/do this time in order for the trip to stand out in our minds and be extra special?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

  • webeditor01webeditor01 Posts: 1,514
    Hi everyone

    Thanks for all your questions this afternoon, and thanks to Leanne for all her brilliant advice too!

    Have a great weekend

    Web Ed

    PS. Next week's Tuesday webchat is with wedding planner Tiffany Grant-Riley and she'll be answering your questions on budget wedding planning, so don't miss it!
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