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Advice on who to invite

Hi all

I'm hoping you can help me or ease my conscience with regards to who its ok not to invite. I don't want to invite one of my uncles - his wife is a nightmare! but i do feel stlightly bad as he would be the only sibling not invited. My family on my dad's side I have little contact with and i'm inviting them but I like them!! Arggggh what do you do. its so expensive getting married and we're paying for our wedding ourselves so i'm reluctant to spend money on people i don't like just for the sake of not offending family. Am I being harsh???


  • oliveekoliveek Posts: 131
    Hi, this is a difficult one to give advice on not knowing your family. I think if he is the only one he has to come, but talk it over with someone in your family you are close with and see what they think.

    You amy also need to think how much trouble will it cause if you don't invite him? are other guests likely to refuse to come in protest? Will it cause your parents heartache?

    I know it is awful that we pay out so much money for people we don't like but family are family and at weddings although it's our day we don't want to spoil it for anyone who is attending.

    Good luck with your decison.
  • svhsvh Posts: 10
    Thanks for the advice. i'm going to discuss this further with my mum so that its more clear what impact it will have if I don't invite him. I just find it frustrating when I know that he could easily pass me in the street and wouldn't have a clue who I am but you are right in that family is family maybe i'll just invite him to the night do!!
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