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will I lose weight


I tried on my wedding dress the other day and it doesn't fit, do you think I can lose a stone and a half by December

Sarah xx


  • If you are committed to getting into your dress then yes you will.

    Of course, your current weight will determine how fast you lose weight. If you have very little to lose it will come off slower but it is certainly not impossible. I have lost almost 6 stones to get into my dress and it has been hard work. On Friday, exactly two weeks before my wedding, my size 6 dress finally fastened! I was worried but got there in the end.

    Don't crash diet or go low carb etc as you will go mad! I think low calorie low fat is the way to go and you expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week. In 16 weeks you could be 32 lbs lighter (more than 2 stone) if you really focus.

    Go for it. I was a size 20/22 and am now a 6 and I love food!! If I can do it, so can you!!

    Good Luck xx
  • BrideToBeeBrideToBee Posts: 1,026
    Sarasocks I understand your worries im having them too!! I wont go into a dress shop yet because I worry about my size now and what I wish I could weigh.

    Mrs 080808 you gave inspiring words and I congratulate you on your huge weight loss and ask please share your secrets. Was it hard t lose so much was it your eating habits that changed or an exercise routine.

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