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Welcome to our wedding hair webchat with Errol Douglas

Hi everyone

Welcome to our wedding hair webchat with award-winning stylist Errol Douglas who has everything you need to know on how to have fab hair all through your big day!

With his salon that he opened 10 years ago in London's gorgeous Belgravia Village, he has all the expertise you need to make sure your hair is perfect from walking down the aisle till the last dance.

If you'd like to ask him a question, simply click "post reply" in this thread and type your question into the box. His reply will appear in the same thread (but please bear with us if we get busy, your question will be answered as soon as we can!)

Enjoy yourselves




  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    Hey Errol! How's you? image

    I have no idea how to style my hair for the wedding - that will be my next worry !

    I am more concerned in how I can begin to care for may hair in the next 11 months to the wedding.

    My hair is long, past my shoulder blades, fairly straight - have incredibly bad dandruff - tend to wear hair up most of the time as I am a teacher and am scared to death of getting headlice! image

    I had it cut last November! ( I know you will tell me off)

    What can I do to get it into the best tip - top condition for the wedding?

    Many thanks! Take it easy! image

    STBAM x x x
  • Helen8283Helen8283 Posts: 19

    The back of my wedding dress is lace until just after my shoulder blades and I have long hair. I hardly ever wear my hair up but dont want to hide the beautiful material of the dress. I would like something special tho as I hardly ever make an effort with my hair! Any suggestions?

    Thanks image
  • jaynefitzyjaynefitzy Posts: 289
    Hi Errol,my daughter has medium length hair and has a coronet headpiece for her wedding. Please could you give us some ideas for hairstyles, as she does not want it just scraped up into a bun. Many thanks.
  • Moomin-mamaMoomin-mama Posts: 693

    I have very straight and fine hair down to mid back length and I would love to have tumbling curls on my wedding day. The problem is the every time i try and curl my hair they drop out after about 30 minutes. Ideally i would like a half up half down do, can you give me any tips or alternative ideas?

    Thank you!
  • Hi STBAM,

    congratulations on your engagement! the first thing you need to do is get your hair into condition. have a consultation with a hairdresser and mention your scalp condition because the dandruff needs to be addressed. it might not actually be dandruff - often people confuse this with a dry scalp, which can be caused by using the wrong products or not rinsing them properly.

    start having deep conditioning treatments and have a trial with your hairdresser - this is really important. also if you have a trial, a good one will eb about half an hour - if it's 10-15 mins that's not enough really. there's loads you can do with your hair length - curls, waves etc, but this all depends on the neckline of your dress... just because you wear it up for school, you don't have to wear it up for your wedding; hair down is a brilliant look for brides!

    Good luck!

  • MrsB06102009MrsB06102009 Posts: 268
    Hi Errol,

    I am struggling to find a hairstyle for my wedding in the Dominican republic next year.

    I have really fine straight blonde hair, i tend to have it cut quite short in a bob with layers to give it some body.

    I want something different with it being my wedding day but don't know where to start.


  • Hi Mrs Happy

    there's some amazing red carpet looks in the magazines at the moment - look for something with the same neckline/back as your dress and get inspired! see a stylist who's good with hair up dos to get a few ideas from them too.

  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    You are a star!

    Many thanks!

    STBAM x x x
  • Suej11Suej11 Posts: 137
    Hi Errol, I have just had a full head of highlights done at a different salon from where i usually go and have since noticed that one side of my hair is much lighter than the other, i have naturally curly hair and plan to have a half up style for my wedding in 7.5 weeks time, my hair is now very dry also, how can i get it back into good condition and get the light bit rectified without damaging my hair even more?
  • Hi jaynefitzy

    if it's a tiara style coronet, the best thing is to work some kind of hairstyle around it rather than scraping it back - it can look quite eye catching if it's part of the style. try a few different looks incorporating the tiara. you could try adding flowers with it, or if it has any glitter you can get a matching glitter and put a little drizzle in the hair. take it with you for the wedding hair trial so her hairdresser can work with it.

  • Helen8283Helen8283 Posts: 19
    Thanks Errol! I'll have a look around image
  • Hi Errol,

    Had my hair trial last week in a half up half down style, with hair curled. She used straighteners to curl it but within a couple of hours the curls had really dropped. My hair is just past shoulder length and is quite thick. What's the best advice you can give to make sure the curls last longer on the big day?

  • jaynefitzyjaynefitzy Posts: 289
    Thats Brill!! Thanks for taking the time to answearx
  • Hi babbabyng

    there's lots of different things you can do to give your curls staying power - firstly, if hair isn't holding, try a wet set; this means setting your hair on rollers when wet and drying under a salon hairdryer. one of the strong tonging ideas is to tong on a smaller barrel than you would normally use and pin it back on itself as you go along. get one of the little hood dryers that go on a hairdryer or go under an old fashioned salon dryer and let set for about 40 minutes. this really works because we use these techniques backstage on fashion shows. for a stronger foundation, use a strong hairspray on every section before you roll and again when you're finished.

  • macysmummacysmum Posts: 3,230
    hi errol, i have curlyish hair that is niether curly or straight and im getting married in august so it may be hot so wearing it down is not an option as i risk it going frizzy.

    The problem is dont know whether to go with something like a large bun or a messy up do? which would look better with a long veil and tiara. also the theme is black and white ina contempory hotel

    also what would you suggest for my bridesmaids and flowergirls? should they keep it simple eg ponytails?
  • vmarshyvmarshy Posts: 14
    Hello Errol

    I am a 51 year old black woman with very short greying texturise hair (chemical not natural) Would love some help with what do with my hair in for wedding day in October.

    One thought I had was to relaxed my hair for the big day but I would want to go back to texturise hair almost straight away. Is possible to texturise my hair so that it is almost straight but not too straight?

    I have googled your salon and you offer consultations so I will do that also. Hoping I am not a hopeless case!!!!!

    Any suggestions ?

  • Moomin-mamaMoomin-mama Posts: 693
    Errol, you are a star, thank you so much for your help x
  • Hi Domrepbride

    if you're hair is in a short fashionable style there is really no point in going out of that - get a beautiful blow dry, but not too puffy as it can look a bit too much. depending on what kind of hair piece you're having there's some beautiful clips or the string-type of alice badn, or just a flower at the side of your head or eye. or try a fascinator - they look fabulous. you may have to take some accessories but have a trial run here, take a picture of it, and then you can recreate it abroad.

  • Hi MissyGsoontobeMRS

    Sorry to hear that! the best thing to do is go back to the person who did the colour, show them the side your happy with, and point out that the other side isn't the same tone - they should be able to put it right for you. if you feel your hair is drying out that you have a protein in-salon treatment, and also if you go to the gym or have any spare time leave a deep conditioner on your hair for 30 mins (eg, in the steam room in the gym). this is good to cement the treatment to the follicles, and strengthens the hair brilliantly.

  • Hi emma04

    the new thing in hairdressing is using a 'styler' to curl the hair but most trained hairdressers would give you the choice - if this is falling out they need to use tongs or one of the hip fashionable things is the wand - these curls last forever! you have to make sure when you book a trial if you know the hairdresser ask for the right tool specifically. for the big day, if they;re using a tong or wand, spray it as you go along with strong hairspray, secure back on itself with a pin and allow to set for 40 minutes. this should hold for a week!

  • thelori14thelori14 Posts: 308
    Hi Errol.

    I have very straight, very fine shoulder length hair that has been dyed blonde for many years. I would really like an "up-do" as I find it so hard to keep a style in for long - especially in August! Im considering having a fringe cut in for my wedding too. Any suggestions on what may look nice??
  • thank you x
  • hi macysmum mrs w 2b

    there's two options - if hair is prone to being frizzy, you may need to recurl or restyle it properly - straighten it first and then curl it - this will tame down the frizz. i agree you'd have to be careful ahving a messy down or half up - the best thing is to have hair put up but put up low - just below the crown, so it looks like it's tumbling. also have a play around with hairpins or diamante accessrories, or combs too look really good. the other option is to have hair slicked down and put in a bun, as it tends to be a bit frizzier, again, have it curled and make more of the bun - they can be designed in so many ways and don't have to be boring! look at current red carpet looks for inspiration.

    for the bridesmaids, k eep them similar to your style, but simpler - ponytails could be a good way to go with white or black accessories

  • MrsKP_MrsKP_ Posts: 2,035
    Hi Errol,

    My hair is mid-length (shoulder blades) and wavey when not straightened, and I have a side parting.

    I'm unsure on what to do with my hair though for my wedding day, I have a large forehead, so I want a style to de-emphasise this, could you recommend anything? I quite like the idea of a half-up do with waveyness, but not sure how this would work with the size of my forehead!

    Just to add - my hair is also very thick, with layers in.


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  • Suej11Suej11 Posts: 137
    Thanks Errol. Can you recommend any good deep conditioners?
  • emmab1976emmab1976 Posts: 2
    Hi Errol

    I have absolute nightmare hair - even after 32years i don't seem to be able to control the frizz. I am so worried about my wedding day hair. It is almost shoulder length with a few layers - i am trying to grow it before my wedding next September so that it can be put up - however i am still panicking that it will frizz up before the end of the day. I know so many people who would love to have naturally curly hair, but despite many products trialed over the years the weather can affect it damatically.

    Hoping you can help.


  • hi Backup

    if your hair is straightened, you can't really have it texturised, so it would be easier to choose one thing - if texturised you can do a lot more with it, ie, blow dry or have it natural. if you straghten it, you will always have to style it and it will be permanently straight - if you're not used to ths it's a lot to take on. texture will look more natural and give more body. come in for a consultation and see what you like best!

  • macysmummacysmum Posts: 3,230
    thank you.
  • hi Lorraine45

    if you're thinking of having a fringe, there's endless possibilities depending on what hair is like. if you have a good hairline you could have a full frnge which is very in, or if you want it longer, which is also hip but sexy, you can have it long but swept to one side. depending on how daring you feel, you could have a very short club fringe or assymetrical fringe - with the right styling and haircut all of these look great. you could try spot extensions to try a fringe without commiting to the cut but if you like it i'd dvise having the fringe cut in properly for the big day.

  • MrsQM2MrsQM2 Posts: 3,723

    I am having my hair half up and half down, and at my hair trail, the hair underneath the "bump" was flat, the curls didnt really kick in until about 6inches under the "bump". The lady who did my hair did them with ghd's - would you recommend that they are set in rollers first? I dont want my hair to look flat on the big day!

    I also have a thick cut fringe, and whislt this will be thinned somewhat tomorrow at the hairdresers, have you any ideas as to what can be done with this other than being swept to the side, I really dont suit it swept to one side.

    I am going to the hairdressers on Thursday for my pre-wedding cut and colour and just wanted to discuss with her what I didn't like about the trial we had.

    I have should blade length, full thick hair.

    Thanks for your time

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