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Hi Everyone

Welcome to our receptions webchat with experts Jamie Aston and Amanda Baird! They've got everything you need to know on how to make sure you wow your guests !

We'll keep track of all the questions so no one will be missed out, but please bear with us if we start to get busy. Please do make sure that you post within this thread (by clicking "post reply" at the top or bottom of the thread) as unfortunately we're not able to answer questions posted elsewhere in the forum.

Enjoy yourselves!




  • Hello everyone...I'm looking forward to answering all your questions re flowers and reception ideas.


  • SammyzoSammyzo Posts: 82
    Hey there jamie, i have no idea what sort of favours to have and neither does h2b, Were having a butterfly, deep red, abit of gold and ivory theme, and do we have to get different favours for men and women? please help!! xxx
  • Hi,

    I'm getting married next August and i will wear ivory but my theme will be pink. Apart from flowers or candles could you suggest something that i could use as centerpieces for my tables? thanks x
  • Hi Jamie

    I'm having a winter wedding, and would like white flowers.

    We also don't have a massive budget, can you give me some idea on what flowers are available around December time and what will make the most impact for my money?

    Also, if we don't have money for flowers all over the place, what are the best places to have them so they're most noticeable etc



  • Hello Jamie & Amanda,

    We are getting married on Valentine's Day next year and we are having a wintery theme and the colour scheme is purple, silver and white (I have a purple dress!). Due to the higher cost of flowers at this time of year, we are considering doing our own table decorations, my bouquet, flower girl flowers and buttonholes/corsages. Do you have any ideas for us to create this theme, not necessarily using all flowers, at a sensible price! We have thought about twigs, fairy lights/candles, feathers but we are unsure if this will create the wintery look we are after or just end up looking a bit naff!

    Any ideas will be very welcome.


  • bubble79bubble79 Posts: 753
    Hi there.

    Can you advise a girl on a small budget.

    We're getting married next May and having and English and Indian wedding on two separate weekends. We've hired village halls to hold the receptions but are a bit stuck on what we can do to make them look a bit WOW!

    The reception after the English ceremony is a sit down meal, flowers gerbera's colours pink / yellow / orange. After the Indian ceremony is a buffet with more pink / red / silver colours.

    All suggestions greatfully received.

  • Hi soontobemrsd,

    A lovely way to make a centrepiece, along with flowers and candles, would be to have the flowers displayed in vintage china teapots and jugs. Amanda
  • Hi Sammyzo, do you mean flowers or Favours??
  • Hello Beckster, Love the theme of your wedding, i think to compliment the strong colour of purple keep the additional decorations silver and white, which will add a really lovely wintery theme. This could even be Christmas decorations used among the flowers and table decorations.
  • Hi

    I'm getting married at 1pm and, potentially, there could be a 2 hour gap between the end of the wedding breakfast and the arrival of the evening guests. Do you think I need to provide entertainment for the guests for that gap and, if so, do you have any ideas on the type of entertainment? I'm on a limited budget so the cheaper the better!

  • HulkkoHulkko Posts: 1,269

    We don't want flowers for our tables I wanted to do something with twigs and butterflys. Have you any ideas? I also thought of candles too but I don#t want to be so kitsch I want it to be a wedding for people to remember!

    Ciao and thanks


  • Hi Soontobmrds

    Flower are always fab for table centres... I'm bias but other options are topiary trees .. search Google for hire companies, they are inexpensive and very sticking.

    Another option would be candles, on mass.. very romantic and cheap to do yourself... Ikea!!

    X Jamie

  • SammyzoSammyzo Posts: 82
    i mean favours lol sorry, Cause the place im getting married is very posh looking with gold and ivory drapes, Just want it all to tie in! Thanks
  • Hello Little Princess,

    Lucky girl, 2 receptions heh! The English reception could be a mass of bunting and for the Indian reception a mass of Indian saris hanging from the ceiling of the village hall, instantly making this a lovely bollywood effect.
  • Hi May

    I love winter weddings... especially with white flowers.

    I would go for willow, sprayed white... its very reasonable and open white amaryllis are the biggest and best priced flowers in December... a vase or low bowl filled with these and willow weaved through would look fab.

    Also lots of white candles, and maybe even foliages like holly or pine sprayed with fake snow.

    Best places for flowers... THE TABLES... these are the main ones, you look at them for three hours or more, then if you have more funds... the entrance and maybe the stage... but tables are key.

    Obviously your bridal bouquet is also very important.

    Have fun

    X J

  • natt07natt07 Posts: 1,680
    Hello. I hope you can help me. I cant afford evening entertainment so only having a dj.. how can i make all my guets enjoy themselves and make my wedding stand out??
  • treenieetreeniee Posts: 606
    hi i was thinking of having dry ice as i walked down the aisle and for my first dance - do you think that it would set off the smoke alarms??
  • Hi Bekster

    Good date!! But yes very expensive!! Candles always look fab when piled together, like a sky line of candles, with fake snow around there base or frosted ivy weaved through.

    Another option would be low domes of white and deep lilac roses with silver foliages, white and lilac roses are not much more expensive on v-day, only 15% more than the rest of the year.

    Jamie x

  • Hello Mrs. Fitzy2b,

    A lovely way to entertain guests is to all muck in with garden party games; can be duck racing on the pond, croquet, quoits, or you can up the music and start dancing (cups of tea on the lawn with dancing).
  • Hi Little Princess

    In May.. if it's the beginning you can still get your hands on cut English cherry blossom!!! Fab stuff, does not cost too much and fills big spaces... you can even do it yourself... vases from Ikea are cheap, filled with blossom... would look fab on each table.

    May is a good time for flowers, tulips and hyacinths are all about still and look great just massed together. Another option is planted displays of spring bulbs in full bloom on each could make these two weeks before and then just place them out on teh day.

    X Jamie

  • Hello willbeMRS,

    Your DJ will dictate the evening. He will play 'kicking' tunes to keep the dancefloor full and is evening entertainment enough and keep the drink flowing!!!
  • Thanks for your ideas Amanda & Jamie.

    Amanda, I will take on board the white & silver accessories - I was a little worried purple may be too much everywhere.

    Jamie, loving the idea of lots of candles and fake snow so I think I will go and have a play around!

  • Hi MrsFitzy2b

    That is a little gap... the time will go quite quickly, but if you can bag yourself a good solo singer you will do well! ask at your local music school or college, even your local church might know someone good.

    X Jamie

  • Hi Amanda and Jamie,

    I'd really love our reception room to amaze everyone when they come in, but unfortunately I'm on a bit of a budget so am struggling to afford lots of candelabra with flowers in. Have you got any ideas about stunning lighting that I could get hold of for a 'wow' effect? Thank you!
  • Hello Treeniee

    The best way to be sure is to check with the people who run the venue, or talk to the dry ice supplier, they will have the answer to this - but remember, dry ice is not smoke
  • Hi Hulkko

    Twisted willow sprayed white with butterfly's can look fab in tall clear vases.

    Other options are crystal trees, you can hire metal tree stands which are full of crystal droplets, very chic.

    Good luck


  • MummyJCMummyJC Posts: 902

    i am not having a wedding breakfast and just an evening buffett so still need some really wow factor centre pieces that are as cheap as i can get!!

    i am having deep purple calla lillies with either white ones or white roses for my flowers but the colour scheme will be deep purple, white and silver for an October 09 wedding

    any ideas as to what i can do that will make people go WOOOOOW!!


  • HulkkoHulkko Posts: 1,269
    I also wanted to ask this: I'm going to drape white sheer mesh type material from the ceilings to the walls. But my theme is black and white. Is there anything I can do to break this white so it's not to over powering? Or should I add a hint of color in somewhere?!

    oh and any idea where I can get twisted willow would be much helpful also!

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  • Sammyzo

    Favours are not my strong point, but there are some great companies out there that have some cool ideas! I've seen a few weird ones in the past but Chocolates in mini boxes, maybe even gold boxes would be very sweet and they always go down well... another options is gold and ivory lollipops with your names on them...

    Hope this helps...


  • Hello Sammyzo,

    One of the ways to coordinate your colours to the venue is to decoratively wrap the favours in, for instance, gold for the women and red for the men
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