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Hi everyone

Greg and Dixie, the resident fitness trainers at the La Manga Club Bootcamp in Spain are online now to help you slim down or tone up for your big day! To find out more about La Manga, see

In just one week at bootcamp, Greg and Dixie can put you through your paces to ensure you leave lighter, leaner and about a dress size smaller!

They've helped hundreds of women get the bodies of their dreams and know exactly what you need to do to get rid of flab, tone up bingo wings and get your body ready for your wedding dress and honeymoon bikini. So log on and ask them all your fitness questions now!


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  • Do you work on specific body areas or do you work according to the needs of each person?
  • EleBranEleBran Posts: 556
    Where to start? I am just under 5'2", and currently about 9stone 2lb.

    I am not concerned about my weight, I would just rather be more toned.

    I have not got a gym membership, but have got a treadmill and cross trainer at home.

    I need some advice on how to start getting trim - I would love to tone all over to be honest, but don;t knwo where to start?!
  • Hi Rianna,

    Keep up the good work girl!!! Maybe try and get another session of CV in during the week and work hard on those triceps ...
  • Hi everyone!

    These guys are seriously amazing - and not as scary as you'd expect Marines to be! They'll be on hand for the next couple of hours to answer all your questions about getting in shape.

    I've done some training with them and they're tough but they really know how to get results!

    Sophie x

  • Boot,

    We try and work on the needs of each lady .... but it does target each body part on a continuous basis ... with lots of fun ... obviously!!
  • Im really worried that on my wedding day cos my legs are fat at the top that they will rub together causing me to have sores on my honeymoon. i have been doing step aerobics or the last 2 months but they still seem as fat. what other exercise can i do?

  • HI Greg and Dixie, I'd really like to tone up my bottom, stomach and arms for my wedding- i am 5ft 3 and weigh about 8stone 9 so dont really want to lose weight but just need some exercises to tone- would yoga help or are weights more effective? Many thanks, Jem
  • How can I sign up for your bootcamp and what level of fitness, age etc. do I have to be and what does it entail more or less? I'm not sure if I am fit or healthy enough to complete it!
  • lisaandmattlisaandmatt Posts: 3,216
    I have 5 months until my wedding, I can't afford to go to the gym. I really want to lose weight and tone up - what's the best way to do it? Need to lose about two stone.

  • ExcitedMrs B to be ...

    Where to start is everyones biggest problem ...

    A Treadmill at home is always a great start but it needs to be used! Unfortunately having it and looking at it isn't gonna help you tone up ...

    An hour's exercise a day is plenty and will make you feel fantastic!! The key is not to do too much too soon though ...

  • EleBranEleBran Posts: 556
    This weekend I intend on starting a healthkick, healthier eating and more exercise.

    How long should I be running/jogging on the treadmill? Some people have advised a 5 mile jog (?) and others have advised on short bursts faster - therefore increasing the heart rate?

    I could do with seeing improvement pretty quick to get me motivated...
  • CarlyO,

    Any CV is good and will get those extra pounds off ... plenty of cycling, walking, swimming and running if you can ... try and get in a session a day if possible!! You'll feel great and lose that extra weight at the top of your legs ...
  • Hi Guys

    For about the last 16 months, I have been suffering from ME/CFS. Before I got ill I used to do lots of exercise but obviously that had to stop and consequently I put on about one and half stones. I am now at a higher level of functioning and in addition to my normal day to day routine I can do 25 mins of pilates every day. That is beginning to have some effect on toning but not really on my weight. I am unable to do to much aerobic exercise but are there any exercises you can recommend that are effective but won't put too much strain on my body.

  • Hi Jem,

    Thanks for the question ... Yoga is great for 'sound state of mind' but to tone up your bum, hill walking and lunge walking are great ... this will help with the tummy as well!

    Remember ladies for toning you need to do lots of a particular exercise which is called endurance training ... this gives us the results you need!! When performing any exercise you should be doing 15-18 repetitions of each ...

  • Thanks have just signed up to my local swimming pool andi amgoing do that twice a week and step once a week. here comes to slim thighs image
  • Hi Janice

    Would love to have you on the We have had a 64 year old complete the week long training and a 24 year old British Triathlete, both achieving fantastic results ... so everybody is welcome!! Check out the website!!!
  • MrsM_09MrsM_09 Posts: 761
    Can you recommend particular exercises at the gym that will focus on toning my abs and reducing the dreaded love handles?!
  • I have just visited - the site is great and explains very well what you do! I'm thinking of signing up for 11th January to get rid of the inevitable extra kilos over christmas so might see you there! Who knows, I have a goal of appearing in my beautiful wedding gown and veil on your website minus 5 kilosimage
  • April09Bride,

    During the week in LaManga we don't use a gym either so it certainly is possible!! Try and get up an hour earlier and hit the lanes ... with a high visabilty jacket on of course ... You have a bike?? Stairs?? Pets or friends pets that need a walk??

    Pressups with your knees rested are great for the arms, situps with your fiancee holding your feet .... Skipping?? The list and limit is your own imagination ...
  • Ladies,

    If you need any training advice and more of a program before your wedding please get hold of us through the LaMagaClubBootCamp website or why not 'treat' you and your bridesmaids to a week in Spain??
  • ExcitedmrsBtobe,

    The fat burning zone is only working to 60% of your max heart rate, therefore, try longer on the treadmill but at a slower pace ...

    Brisk walking on the road would be better though especially if you can find a training partner ... ie your fiance.

    Good luck!!
  • How do you know what is 60% of your heart rate?
  • Luli,

    Thanks for your question and great to hear you're back into the exercise ...

    As well as a sensible, calorie controlled diet, pilates is great combined with swimming, none impact, aqua aerobics (ask at your local pool for further advice) ... excellent fat burner!! Walking at your pace with a friend a couple of times a week would also be hugely beneficial!
  • MrsM_09,

    Doing Cardio helps with the fat burning in the ab area, however, getting rid of the love handles;

    Sit -ups x 20

    Half Sits x 20

    Legs raises (back on the floor) x 20

    Bicycle Kicks (Back on floor) x 20

    Side Bends x 20

    If you aren't too sure how to perform these exercises, ask at you gym ...

    We also have a professional Nutritionist, Marisa Peer, who would be available through La Manga Club Boot Camp to help with a Calorie Controlled diet ...

    Good Luck!
  • MrsM_09,

    Doing Cardio helps with the fat burning in the ab area, however, getting rid of the love handles;

    Sit -ups x 20

    Half Sits x 20

    Legs raises (back on the floor) x 20

    Bicycle Kicks (Back on floor) x 20

    Side Bends x 20

    If you aren't too sure how to perform these exercises, ask at you gym ...

    We also have a professional Nutritionist, Marisa Peer, who would be available through La Manga Club Boot Camp to help with a Calorie Controlled diet ...

    Good Luck!
  • hi greg and dixie, im 5ft weigh 9st 2lb and want to tone up (particularly my stomach) and lose about a stone, how many days a week would you suggest going to the gym and anything i should do in particular? X
  • Janice,

    Fantastic ... see you then!!

    After Christmas is a great time to kick start a new challenge!!
  • Boot,

    60% of your max heart rate is: 220 minus your age = Max Heart rate, then 60% of that ... Some papers say 226 minus your age for females ...
  • Cherry,

    It's dependant on your lifestyle and how much time you have on your hands but if you could manage 3 times a week, that would be great!!

    Concentrate on the CV to shift the lbs and tone up! At the end of your session spend some time isolating on your abs ... you'll soon see good results!!
  • ailsamfailsamf Posts: 459
    Hi, I've started training for a marathon - it's a month before my wedding so should have enough recovery time! I've been building it up for a few months and am now out 4-5 times a week doing between 3-6 miles. I try and do interval training on one of the days I'm out running to improve my strength. I'd love to see my body slim down but so far I've not seen much difference - it's the love handles that need to go what can I do to help??. Can you give any tips on how to train effectively and build up my stamina. Thanks guys x
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