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Hi everyone

Wedding dress designer Chandrika Thomas is now online along with Kim from London Bride Couture and they're ready to help out with all your dress questions, so please do make use of their expertise (and the chance to get some free advice!)

Please bear with us if the webchat gets busy, Chandrika and Kim will do their best to get to your question as soon as they can.


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  • Dear Brides to be,

    I'm looking forward to your questions and assisting you in search of your dream dress!

    Chandrika x

  • Hey,

    I'm very short, only 5ft 2. What kind of dress would be best suited for my height?

  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Hi I just don't know where to start really. My wedding is the 22nd August when should I have my dress ordered by?

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  • Dear JohannaBride2B,

    I would suggest a soft fishtail shape or an empire line gown which will elongate your body giving you a long slender look. Alison, Jessica and Selina in our current collection would all suit your height.

    best wishes x
  • Dear RachelLiza,

    We would suggest booking your dress 6-8 months in advance. If you have your venue booked or an idea of where you would like to get married this will work hand in hand with selecting the style of your dress.

  • Dear Chandrika,

    I really like the look of the Alfredo Angelo Style 1148. Do you think that dress is suitable for my height?

    Tank you.
  • kirk110480kirk110480 Posts: 3,339
    Hi, I've bought an A-line dress with quite a long (and wide!) train and a long veil (cathedral length I think), our wedding venue has changed so we're now getting married in a conservatory (low ceiling and not too wide an 'aisle') in a hotel - do you think this combo will be a bit OTT for the venue?! Many thanks xx
  • Hi,

    Do you think a wedding dress needs to have alot of detail in order to have the wow factor? I want a dress that will be a talking point, and thought i'd buy some different and very modern (sex and the city-ish) . When wedding dress shopping, I loved Ian Stewart's San Tiago, which is one of his more plain gowns and the opposite to the type of one I thought i'd buy. I'm a size 6-8 and 5 foot 4. What would you reccommend?


    Jess xx
  • Dear JerseyBride,

    you can still make it work by bustling the train up at the back or having the train altered to a smaller and narrower shape. I would suggest keeping the veil just slightly longer than the train so it frames the dress beautifully.

    all the best, Chandrika x x
  • kirk110480kirk110480 Posts: 3,339
    Ooh nice idea, thanks Chandrika xx
  • Jax10Jax10 Posts: 22
    Hi Chandrika, I am 5 foot 7 and a size 12-14 (hopfully a size 12 for the wedding next year!) I really like a fishtail style dress - would you reccommend these for curvier people.....I always hear mixed reviews about which dresses suit which body shapes.... Thanks x
  • Dear jessicac,

    It's not necessary to have a lot of detail to create a wow-factor. A design with a good cut and the right proportions to suit your body frame will give you the wow factor. Ian Stewart's San Tiago dress is very beautiful and figure hugging. London Bride Couture in Victoria, London stocks Ian Stuart's full collection. Our 'Sarah' dress is of a similar silhouette and is another option to try on at London Bride Couture.

    All the best Chandrika x
  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280
    Hi Chandrika

    I've bought a very plain and simple dress (strapless, narrow A line, waist seam, ivory organza, no detailing at all). I love it as it is but would like to be able to change the look of it somehow during the day so that I get 2 dresses in 1.

    Do you have any ideas for ways of "customising" the dress and adding interest to it, that can also be removed for a different look? A sash is obviously one idea but I would really appreciate any others. (I know a dressmaker so she would be able to do any complicated ideas for me).

    Many thanks!

  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280
    PS I really love your "Chantelle" dress, do you think it would be possible to create a lace top to go over my dress for a similar effect?

    thank you!
  • Dear Jax10,

    That's the perfect silhouette for your shape!! As a fishtail dress goes in and out balancing the hemline with your hips and shoulders, drawing the eye to your waist and accentuating your waistline.

    I love working with curvy figures as we specialize in corsetry which really pulls you in to give the perfect hour glass figure!

    all the best Chandrika xx
  • canyousemacanyousema Posts: 1,458

    I have a really tall bridesmaid, the dress i have will be 2inches off the floor if she wears flats, should i try and have it altered to be longer or will it be ok as it is?
  • Dear lrbpie,

    having two different looks is always fun and creates interest. I would could suggest having a bolero for the ceremony then later you could take this off, hook the dress up at the back. Accessorise with chandelier earrings and glitzy shoes! you could have a demure look for the ceremony and later a more evening look for the party!

    all the best Chandrika xxx
  • Hi

    I will be wearing Jenny Packham Elizabeth for my Feb 09 wedding in Edinburgh.

    Would you wear a veil with this dress? and if so what type?

    Im also struggling to accessorize as the dress has some bling and dont know what to do about necklace and something for my hair

    thanks guys
  • Dear dutchrose

    Not a problem! If you have enough fabric on the hem you could have a false hem, which would allow you to make the dress as long as possible. Alternatively you could take the hem up to 3/4 length which is pleasing to the eye. Leaving it 2" above the floor would look too short. Either kissing the floor of 3/4 length.

    hope that helps!

    chandirka xx
  • canyousemacanyousema Posts: 1,458
    hmm thanks, its not really an option to have 3/4 length dresses as i have 4 all of different heights so my mum thinks it will look odd. there isn't really any hem at all on it, there is however ruching on the bodice part, would it be possible to make it into a 2 piece and it be longer that way?
  • Dear clairey01,

    It's a beautiful dress. The veil really depends on your venue. If you 're having a traditional church wedding a long fine silk tulle veil with frame the dress and is also delicate and see through, seeing all the beautiful detailing. Out silk tulle veils are very sheer and come in two lengths elbow and 3mt long.

    The best way to see what hair styles suit you is to visit a hair salon and play with ideas and take pictures. The dress has a lot of jewel detail, keep your jeweley simple and delicate so it compliments the dress and not taking anything aways.

    all the best!! Chandrika xx
  • dutchrose

    Do you have a link or image of the dress you could post?
  • canyousemacanyousema Posts: 1,458

    here is the dress

    thanks for your help i really appreciate it
  • I wouldn't suggest two pieces, the corset would need a hem and also the skirt making it even shorter. One possibility would be to bring down the last two tucks of the bodice. The is only possible if the pleats are deep enough on both sides. An experienced seamstress would be able to do this for you. best of luck !!

    chandrika xx
  • canyousemacanyousema Posts: 1,458
    thanks once again!

  • bec84bec84 Posts: 80

    I'm getting married in Santorini and so I'm looking for a full length dress without a train. Any ideas what Fabric I should be looking for to keep it cool, and so it doesn't get too creased in transport? I'm size 16-18.


  • Dear bec84

    fantastic place to get married!! Depending on the style of dress you are going for I would suggest keeping the silks in light weight taffettas, chiffons and satins. These will all keep you cool.

    Chandrika xx
  • bec84bec84 Posts: 80
  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280
    thanks Chandrika!
  • Hi Chandrika,

    I am getting married in Cyprus next year and am wearing Haya by Pronovias. The dress itself is quite plain, what accessories do you think would look best to make sure I get the wow factor.

    Many Thanks, Zena!!
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