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Ian Stuart Dress.....

Has anyone bought an Ian Stuart wedding dress?

I'm fancying the popadour design but would like some feedback.

The dress looks great in the pics, with the skinny beautiful model wearing it.

Just wondered if anyone had wore this 'in real life' ?


  • Hello! I'm waiting (impatiently!) for my Ian Stuart dress to turn up, it should be arriving this month. I tried on lots by different designers and a few of his, and just found that one of his seemed to fit my figure best. I'm 5'9" and fairly slim - but the shop I was in when I found it had another couple of girls who were a completely different shape and still seemed to suit his styles. The dress I've gone for is 'Chelsea' - it's a rubbish name but a lovely dress!!

    Good luck! ;\)
  • Hi I have ordered an Ian Stuart dress ....called Gala ..I have only tried it on in blue but have ordered it in ivory ...its gorgeous a little more full on than i originally wanted but when i tried it on i knew it was a must ...i saw the picture in a magazine and flew back to the uk just to try it on ...its a real fun dress and i know i will be able to relax and enjoy myself in it ......i pick my dress up in 7 weeks ,,,,cant wait
  • lctuklctuk Posts: 663
    Just seen a pic of Ian Stuart Gala dress. I really like that, and in the blue.

    Good choice! :\)
  • I have just loocked at the Ian Stewart website, I love alomost most of the dresses! and there seems to be one round the corner from me so will definatley be checking them out, they look VERY expensive, are they?!
  • umm I am paying around £1600 for mine including alterations but as im taking it out the country i will get vat back which brings it down quite a bit ...but go and try one on, the quality is really good sure you will really like them too
  • cheers gemdee, they look very good quality and the website just had a really good feel to it and gave me a good impression. £1600 is about the absolute max that I want to spend, and at least I know I can get the kind of dress for my top end budget. Haven't tried any dresses on yet at all, will start doing next month. Actually haven't started anything yet really apart from ideas in my head!
  • i pick my dress up in 7 weeks ...and really cant wait ...when is your wedding?????
  • 7 weeks OMG! you must be getting really excited now. we only got engaged in January, for us to get married in the church that we want we have to apply for a special license, so won't be able to set date till we hear from them, we are thinking within approx 18 months. you mentioned that you are going abroad, where about?
  • i i pick dress up in 7 weeks but actual wedding is in 13 weeks sooo excited ..i live in Lanzarote and we are getting married over here too..everyone keeps saying it will get here quick but not quick enough for me ..

  • My dress is £1400 and I expect any alterations to cost between £50 - £100. I agree with Gemdee - the dress felt lovely on and the quality is fab. I didn't think I'd get that emotional when I found the right dress but a little tear snuck in there...! I hope you find one you love.

    I'm getting married in June and the dress should be turning up in the next couple of weeks - can't wait to see it again!

  • ladies, your dresses are gonna be fab by the sounds of it. i love the look of the ian stewart dresses, my fathers tartan is royal stewart, so maybe it was meant to be that I should have a stewart dress! i've booked an appointment for 3rd march at a stocklister, yey!
  • Hello! I have bought an Ian Stuart dress!!!!! Im so excited, have gone for the wedgewood in ivory!!! Once i had tried that on, nothing even came close, i had to have it, should be arriving in a couple of weeks!


  • OMG Teresina, the wedgewood is totally gorgeous!
  • lctuklctuk Posts: 663
    Thank you ladies for all your positive feedback.

    It seems it's got to be an Ian Stuart dress for me! :\)

    I hope you all have a fantastic wedding day.

    I'm sure you'll look lovely! x
  • Hi everyone, I've got Ian Stuart Marcella which I think is from last season as it's not on his website but it's on

    It's the one that says 'sold' on it. (I didn't actually get it from that shop by the way) Anyway, I was very lucky and got it reduced - £650, what a bargain!! I think mine's a size 12, and I'm 5'9. I'm really more like a size 14 but it looked fab. Only prob is that I tried it on a month later and it was too tight, oh well that was around xmas time. I've got til September to diet so should be fine by then!!

  • Hiya

    I am also having an Ian stuart dress i have gone for the wedgewood, i love it. oh so excited it should be coming in around 4 weeks!!!

  • ceegraceegra Posts: 29
    hi all you gals that bought ian stuart dresses

    are any of you selling them and have you got a size that will fit a uk size 16

    if your willing to sell

    contact me

    [email protected]

    dd wedding dec 08


  • ScottEasbyScottEasby Posts: 1,271
    I love all his dresses... i have ordered the Sancerre.. i keep drooling over his site.. they are all lush. i want them all!!!
  • nscoadnscoad Posts: 94
    Hi All

    I have also gone for an Ian Stuart Dress called Riviera in Ivory. His dresses are all gorgeous. I tried on the Ian Stuart Dress first, then tried on many more, but nothing else compared. Nicki
  • kt_kitkatkt_kitkat Posts: 16
    I tried about 7 of his dresses on again today trying to decide. It's so hard not to want all of them. hehe. This time I took one of my bridesmaids as well as my Mum and when I put Lucia on they were out of their seats admiring me. I just have to decide on a possible design change and then I'm ordering it when I return from holiday in 2 weeks! I am so excited!!!
  • lisamorfittlisamorfitt Posts: 161
    I've got Ian Sturat Riviera, I just love it!
  • AlexFinnAlexFinn Posts: 1,646
    Hi everyone,

    this is my first post-whoo hoo!

    I am getting married next august and recently tried on 8 Ian Staurt dresses at one of his designer days. It was brilliant, i loved the dresses and Ian was there too. I have fallen in love with Antigua but is it too early to have found my dress or should i keep looking. Has anyone else worn Antigua?

  • tralatrala Posts: 281
    nicoad and nomoremiss I've ordered Riviera too! was beginning to think I was the only one, I love it more ebrytime I see a pic. What good taste you have! x
  • ClairebeClairebe Posts: 5
    Hi everyone,

    I too have fallen in love with Ian Stuart dresses, they are all so gorgeous! I'm not getting married until June next year but i couldn't resist buying 'havana' . As soon as i tried it on i knew it was 'the one' . Has anyone else tried on this dress? I don't think it's too early if you've fallen in love with a dress Finny2009.

  • 20North20North Posts: 42
    Hi Ian Stuart Brides To Be.

    I am also having one of his amazing dresses, My close second was Sundae. But have decided on Versailles in Ivory without funny arm things. I am also having a big pattern change by not having the front panel, so the skirt will be solid all the way round. I fell in love with the detailing and the mega long train. I can not wait.

    I havn't found any other dresses that come close to the quality of Ian Stuart. I cant wait.

  • KWallNO1KWallNO1 Posts: 64
    Im having the Cocoa Latte from last season as I have been planning my wedding since last october. I will be having it in chocolate brown. It should be ready in the Summer. I will be having to find boots and accessories to go with any ideas....
  • AlexFinnAlexFinn Posts: 1,646
    I know what you mean, since i have tried the Ian Stuart dresses I keep comparing very other dress to them. Only sticking point is the price. With the redesign that i wanted (just a change to the neckline) I was quoted £2,700. Is this roughly what you pay?
  • Clairebe - I'm also having Havana! It's nice to know someone else is too as I haven't heard anyone mention it before! I'm getting married in Aug this year so not long until I get to wear it! Riviera was another close contender though. I saw Havana in the window of the store and new then it was "the one"!!! It was exactly what I'd been looking for and hadn't seen in any of the previous five bridal stores!
  • ScottEasbyScottEasby Posts: 1,271
    I was sooooooo close to getting the Havana - it is amazing.. but I went for the Sancerre in the end.. but the Havana is def V lush!
  • cazomiccazomic Posts: 102
    i think i tried on almost all his dresses and loved them all, but had to pick 1!!!!!!! damn!!!!!

    could have tried dress changes throughout the day and gone for about 8 dresses!!!!! i finally decided to get sancerre, i am waiting for a call from the dress shop to say its arraived, hoping they havent got to do many alterations...

    cant wait !!!!!!!!11
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