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Florist in North Yorkshire


I'm getting married in Yarm North Yorkshire, but live in Rotherham. Does anyone know any good florist near Yarm? Would like someone who has been recomended, cos can't keep travelling, so need someone I can trust.

Thanks ladies. image


  • Hi

    There are two florists in Yarm which I've heard are very good - Carl Banks and Diana Kay.

    Out of the two I would say from word of mouth that Carl is the best, a friend of mine had her wedding flowers done by Carl and they were gorgeous. I have also spoken with him myself and he was very friendly and helpful.

    You should be able to find their numbers easily enough on the internet.

    Hope this helps

  • lctuklctuk Posts: 663
    HI Miss V Excited,

    Thanks for the advice on florist. I will google the names. The hotel did recommend someone, but I think it's always better to have someone who's been 'tried and tested' image
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