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Cyrprus wedding at Payia Town Hall

Hi to all you Brides to be and Newely Weds,

I am getting married in May in Cyrprus at the Peyia Town Hall Pathos , near Coral Bay, (hope I have spelt it right) and we are stopping at the Pathian Sun Holiday Village, we have two children and from what we have been told it is a child friendly holiday spot that is why we have booked our holiday their,

Can anyone give me any feedback as to what the Town Hall is like and has anyone been to the Pafian Sun Holiday Village ?

Thanks very much


  • jw056jw056 Posts: 613
    Hi, you lucky thing!

    I've holidayed there for the past 5 years now and you coudn't have picked a more beautiful venue!!

    Off the top of my head I can't place your hotel, but will have a think!

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