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Bmaid dresses

Hi, I have already posted on here about a problem I am having with my bmaid dresses.

was advised in a bridal shop that when purchasing 2 bridesmaids dresses, the lady would only need the measurement for the largest size on the girls (whether that was the bust or hips).

My maid of honour is a 32 hip-the lady said she would need a size 10 dress.

My bmaid is a 34 hip, the lady said she would need a size 12.

I said fine-as I realised that in many shops, sizes vary greatly.

The dresses arrived, and they are unsurprisingly massive. The dresses are huge-my bmaid who the size 12 was ordered for, is usually a perfect size 10, and the jacket swims on her, and the sleeves are too long, the boob area is loose, and the hip and waist area is big-so the dress falls down.

My maid of honour has not even tried hers on, as she was insulted at being bought such a large size (being a 6-8 size)

If we get the dresses altered, it will cost almost 50-100 quid, as it means dismantling the dresses, and jackets too.

The other thing is, I am reluctant to go back to her, as she 'altered' my wedding dress-which she didnt ask me to try on once altered (she had also asked my mum at one point if she would be 'happy to sew the beads and that back on'. (my mum said no, she had paid her to do it!) I happened to take it to another shop to try on with the veil I had ordered from there-and the woman was shocked-it was huge, it had holes in it from where she had just folded over material and pullled the lace-so she altered it for me-its like a diff dress!

What are my rights? On the receipt it says that dresses cannot be refunded if they do not fit due to weight gain/loss.

Thank you

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