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Flower websites-Contemp boquets

I'm after webistes to look at contemporary boqeuets- I'm a fan of the long stem type arrangements that seem to be in at the moment- any ideas?:\?


  • hi cathyza im looking for tghis bouquet that was in nov/dec 2005 issue how can i find it
  • Hiya

    I know you said websites, but there is a really great magazine out there called Wedding Flowers i think. (Original name!) My florist pulled it out when i was looking for ideas because i too wanted a contemporary look and there were lots of things in it i quite liked. It is worth a look, if you have not already seen it.

    You could of course make your own arrangement - If you get some good ribbon (Confetti does some good stuff- they have a lovely website) and if you keep it simple with some simple flowers you shouldn't go wrong.

    Good luck!! xx
  • Try looking at this website, and look under the flower section, they have loads of other floris websites with some great ideas
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