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Welcome to our wedding budget webchat

Hi Everyone

Welcome to our webchat this lunchtime

We are joined by finance expert Marc Lockley who will tell you everything you need to know on how to pay less and get more when planning your big day!

If you'd like to ask them a question, simply click "post reply" in this thread and type your question into the box. Their reply will appear in the same thread (but please bear with us if we get busy, your question will be answered as soon as we can!)

Enjoy yourselves



  • sarahlawsonsarahlawson Posts: 1,435
    Hi there I would like to know how I can quickly cut my credit cards down and pay for my wedding at the same time?
  • lettypoplettypop Posts: 712
    Hi, I ordered a dress in february and put £400 deposit on it. was told I'd have it september and that the deposit was non refundable. I called today to cancel it and was told I'd still have to pay the full amount for the dress I don't want, another £400 I can't afford. is this right? am I liable for the full amount?
  • Hi Sarah L

    Firstly congratulations on getting married!

    Secondly credit card bills is a much longer subject as it entails many areas and would require a longer period.

    With regards to your wedding - you need to start with budgets.

    Dis-sect your wedding requirements down to each budget area. For example - outfits, stationery, flowers, reception location, food, wine etc. and give yourself a budget. Tot it all up....and when you have recovered.... look at areas you can cut down:

    For example - flowers - can you choose ones that are in season that will cut the cost down or can you pick your own with the help of a specialist etc.

    Look at areas that you may not need to pay out for - for example stationery - can you make your own? Or have you a creative friend who can offer this as a wedding gift - the same with cars.

    Then with the suppliers you need to use...use negotiation skills

    Good luck

  • Hi Lettypop

    You would need to consult someone like the citizen advice bureau about that.

    However things to bear in mind...

    Have you got anything in writing that states you would have to pay the full amount?

    Have you only spoken to them about a deposit and not the rest? For example did they not say anything about 'in the eventuality of you cancelling...' the wording you have used in your mail is 'the DEPOSIT was non-refundable.'

    Have they started making the dress (bear in mind this is still 4 months away)? If they say they have, can they prove it? If the dress has begun being made would the £400 already paid cover the expense?

    What if you refused to pay, what would they do?

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Marc

    We have recently decided to get married abroad instead of the UK due to finances, and now only have a budget of about £3000. We're not sure if we're going to able to do it on that money, but are only having close family and friends

    Negotiating for prices in the UK seems difficult enough, but have you any ideas on negotiating with suppliers in other countries (we're thinking of Cyprus) maybe we should invest in a wedding planner...

    So how do we get more for our weding budget without looking like we've scrimped?

    Thanks! DB
  • Hi everyone

    Just to let you know I am on-line.

    My expertise is in negotiation and money saving ways. if you have any questions realted to this I am happy to help.

    With the average wedding costting in excess of £20,000 and recession hitting hard, this is the time to get the costs down, but still have that dream wedding you wanted.

    I am the author of How To Pay Less For More; a consumers guide ot negotiation. In any given year you can knock thousands off your outgoings by learning the skills of a negotiator.

    And in a wedding year, you can save that in one go!

  • DandMDandM Posts: 1,788
    Hi Marc,

    We are having a really budget wedding in comparison to most people (less than 3K), have you any new tips on how to get this to work as hard as it can do - we've done most of the obvious stuff like keeping numbers down, scouring for sales/ bargains/ doing stuff outrselves (like the cake), and using services of friends (for photography/ cars)/ am making paper flowers to save money/ keeping down the number of attendants etc etc... but there must be more we can do!!

    Also, even tho its a budget wedding, we're still struggling to save - and we're doing things like surveys on onepoll, selling stuff on ebay etc. - is there anything else you would recommend to boost the fund a little!?

  • tina2008uktina2008uk Posts: 689
    Hi Marc,

    My question is related to the package our venue is offering. They are offering a package which is priced per person. They are offering only 1 glass of wine for the wedding b'fast and 1 reception drink. Obviously we'd like to increase that to the standard of 1/2 bottle per person and 2 reception drinks. I know it'll mean us paying extra which we are fine with. The problem is that they are using their bar prices (per glass) for the extra drinks. My thinking is that they should charge us on the same cost as the package. Am i wrong? Any tips on how to talk to them about this? Thanks.
  • Mrsowen_ukMrsowen_uk Posts: 189
    We've saved a fair amount of money and parents have given us some as well, at the moment all we're paying are deposits... where is the best place to put this money - so we can gain as much interest as is possible at present, until we need to use the money, near the end of the year. I currently have half in an ISA but am unable to any more to it as i've put in as much as I can in a year
  • Dear Dorset Bride

    Cyrpus - how lovely - I think it's a fabulous location! Been there three times myself - and pretty much guaranteed fantastic weather.

    A wedding planner is a costly expense, unless you can get them to agree to get you in under budget with what you want.

    I am assuming that guests will be limited due to it being abroard.

    Negotiating abroard is very similar and many places will do it and in fact expect it - especially in this current global climate.

    Negotiating is very different from haggling.

    Haggling to the typical Brit is an embarrassing affair; it is a rather unsystematic, seat-of-the-pants way of trying to get money off.

    What I talk about is negotiating and learning the skills of a negotiator.

    Negotiating originates from business; can you imagine Richard Branson exploring a potential venture -winging it' as a haggler?

    Negotiation involves preparation and forethought - this eradicates embarrassment and increases your confidence, as you realise that you can fully justify asking for money off.

    It also considers the person you are negotiating with - 'what will they get out of it?' Negotiating is about win:win.

    I would suggest budgeting hard as I mentioned earlier and then researching via the internet perhaps two or three suppliers of each category i.e. a restaraunt.

    When you speak to them use the information you have gleaned to get yourself a better deal.

    If you're budget is 800 euro for something, let them know it's around 600 euro - you can always go up.

    Be polite and friendly and use the competitive information you have found through your research.

    For example 'Hotel de Mer are offering 30 euro a head for a 3 course meal and wine. if we were to book your hotel would you be able to do it for 24euro?

    Good luck with it all and have a great wedding.


  • Hi DandM

    Sounds like you've done pretty well already to keep it down.

    One suggestion would be to barter your services in return for something for the wedding - perhaps decorating, or do you have a skill that can be useful to a supplier?

    Mystery shoppers earn you money and often you get a free meal as well for the two of you - retaileytes is one.

    You haven't listed these....

    Use your wedding cake as the desert.

    Hold the reception on a weekday

    With the suppliers you are to use - negotiate hard - let them know the only way you can use their services is if they can offer a reduction.

    So many ideas ...not enoug time!!!!

  • Hi everyone

    Marc will now just answer the 3 reamaining questions on wedding budget

    Thanks for joining us this lunchtime and thank you to Marc for sharing all his useful budget tips with us...

    Many thanks

  • Dear BumbleB

    Firstly - if you haven't signed up to them as yet you are in a much better bargaining position - these are things that are best put in as a 'deal-maker' to the venue.

    You could say something like:

    A N Other venue is offering 1/2 a bottle of wine and 2 reception drinks for a similar price to your package. If you offer the same as them, we will hold our reception with you.

    Assuming you have signed up to them, I would still let them know what other places will do (do your research on this and use the best ones to complement your case) - initially ASK for it to be free and then offer to pay for it at the same cost as the package.

    Remember they want you as a happy customer as you are their best walking advert.

    Good luck

  • Dear Dramaqueendance

    I am not a financial consultant, however a good website for looking at best places to put money is

    All the best

  • tina2008uktina2008uk Posts: 689
    Thanks Marc, we havent signed upto them yet so will use your tip. Thanks.
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