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Hi everyone

Travel expert Steve Garley from Tropical Sky is now online, so please make use of his expertise between now and 6pm.

Whatever your budget or honeymoon style, Steve can answer all your questions.

If you'd like to ask Steve a question, simply click "post reply" in this thread and type your question into the box. Steve's reply will appear in the same thread (but please bear with us if we get busy, your question will be answered as soon as we can!)



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  • adie0106adie0106 Posts: 4

    Me and my h2b have been talking about getting married in the Caribbean but we have quite a tight bduget. Is this possible and where would you suggest? It's just the 2 of us.

  • garleysgarleys Posts: 29
    Hi Adie,

    I have just come back from Barbados and Antigua. There is a great set of 3 star hotels owned by Rex. My favourite is Hawksbill in Antigua. Three beaches to die for ,great staff and they arrange wonderful weddings .If you went for a week we could do a wedding for two for Less than £1000 per head. All the paper work, witnesses and official things would be taken care of.

    They also have simarly priced hotels in Barbados, Grenada, Tobago and St Lucia
  • adie0106adie0106 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info, we are quite open about dates, when is the best time to go to the Caribbean weather wise?
  • garleysgarleys Posts: 29
    Hi Adie,

    Traditionally the best weather in Antigua is between December and April, but weather in the Caribbean is a bit like ours and is unpredictable. Summer is the wetter season, but that is when the prices are lower. I would go for May or early December - good weather and low prices. The hotel can always play with the time of the wedding to avoid a tropical shower.
  • Hi Steve,

    We fancy a safari wedding in Kenya or Zambia - is there a resort or somewhere you can recommend? It won't be a huge wedding as our families will have to fly out but we wanted to combine our wedding with a safari honeymoon.


    CS x
  • lyndylouuklyndylouuk Posts: 45
    Hi, we getting married in dominican in Oct 09,whats the best currency to take, us$ or peso, or does it not matter, thanks
  • Hi Steve

    I would love to get married in protaras next year, due you have any knowledge of this resort. Can you recommend whether I should use a tour operator, independent coordinator or just plan it all myself?

  • Laura0701Laura0701 Posts: 1,455
    hi steve really hope you can help h2b and i dream of havin a little villa type beach cabin thing for our honeymoon, maybe in egypt or cape verde, i cant find any image do you have any ideas? xx
  • garleysgarleys Posts: 29
    Hi CS

    Thanks for the kiss. I have to admit I am very biased in favour of Kenya. What I would do is to go to a hotel like the Cove on the Kenyan coast. It is a really chic hideaway - all air conditioned tents, fabulous food and very affordable. You could have your wedding night in a treehouse in nearby Sable and then you could go on to do a safari. We recommend a company called Porini that have tented camps in Amboseli or Masai Mara
  • garleysgarleys Posts: 29
    Lady 2

    In the Dominican Republic the US dollar is still king. I would just take dollars. You can settle extras in most hotels withh credit cards
  • garleysgarleys Posts: 29
    Hi Mrs froome to be

    Protoras is in Cyprus. It is avery popular wedding venue. It is close to lively Aya Napa, but is quieter and is very good for all ages. I would definitely arrange it through a tour operator like Thomson - my old employer. It is much more romantic in the Caribbean or Indian ocean, if you can afford it.
  • garleysgarleys Posts: 29
    Hi Laura 0701

    The Maldives has some really romantic "cabin type things" Overwater bungalows with steps down to the ocean for a private swim. Alternatively look at Gazi in Kenya - my airconditioned tented camp on a super beach. They have a boat to take you to a private beach for a swim and there is a tree house for a special night at nearby Sable
  • garleysgarleys Posts: 29
    Hi CS and Laura 0701,

    Sorry I got two names mixed up. The Cove is a hotel on the Kenyan coast that has treehouses.I think these would qualify as "cabin type things"Gazi is the air conditioned tents - they are both very romantic places
  • Hi Steve,

    I am thinking of getting married in the Caribbean next year. it will be myself, my H2B and our parents. I was thinking of holidaying for 2 weeks. The first week would be at one hotel with the relatives, then the last week would be just myself and H2B on our own. Is this possible? We are looking for something 4 star All inclusive. do you have any suggestions. thanks
  • Hi Steve

    Me and my partner have a romantic idea of getting married in a little village in Italy. We'd like a couple of villas for all our friends and family to share with a swimming pool, a beach nearby and a little church to say our vows down the road.

    Have you any ideas for us to make this work or any similar places you know of?

    Do you think I should get a wedding planner to help?


  • garleysgarleys Posts: 29
    Hi Lisa1985

    This is very easy to arrange. You could choose two different hotels on the same island, but I would recommend getting married in Barbados and honeymooning in St Lucia.

    If you chose Almond Casuarina for the wedding. This hotel is 15 minutes from the airport. It is a great all inclusive on a fabulous beach. You could leave the parents there and fly off to St Lucia. It is less than an hour away and you land at the smaller Vigie airport and it is a short taxi ride to Almond Morgan Bay. The hotel has some super suites with panoramic views of the island and ocean. You can then fly home directly from St Lucia . you do not have to go back to Barbados. you could do something similar with Grenada and Tobago or Antigu and Barbados
  • garleysgarleys Posts: 29
    Hi DB

    I am not the Italy expert. Tropical Sky does long haul weddings, but this would be possible to arrange. I would suugest talking to Italian specialists like Citalia.There are great churches in Barbados and St Lucia. There is a really pretty church in Speightstown on the west coast of Barbados. There are great villas up and down the west coast where you could stay. They can come complete with cook and maid.

    In Mauritius the prettiest little church is on the north coast. I have forgotten its name but it white, has a red roof and is right by the ocean - fabulous for photos. To get married here you would need to be a catholic and get permission from your church and the catholic authorities in Mauritius. There are several hotels that have beachfront villas of various sizes where you could stay. in the Seychelles there are churches in strange places. My favouite was a tiny chapel on Denis Island . No villas here but wonderful rooms and beaches to die for. You would probably choose the beach over the chapel
  • Hi Steve,

    We're thinking of throwing in the towel with regards to a UK wedding, and quite fancy the idea of going to Mexico with our immediate family (10 of us in total).

    We'd be looking for a small all inclusive hotel, to cater for everyone (from 16yrs - 80yrs old). Do you have any recommendations?

    Also, what do you think would be best, going with the likes of first choice/thomson etc, and independant travel company, or arranging everything ourselves?

    Many thanks,

  • linz-kdlinz-kd Posts: 2,382
    Hi Steve

    We're looking into getting Married at the Grand Canyon.

    We want to combine 3 holidays together at the same time these will be:-

    New York 4 night

    Las Vegas 5 night

    Grand Cayman 7 Night

    Do you think this would be possible as Multi Centre & are we best to book the Wedding ourselves or through Tour Operator?

    Thanks Lynsey

  • Hi Everyone

    Steve will now just answer the remaining questions. Thank you all for asking such useful questions and thanks to Steve for sharing all his expertise with us all!

    Don't forget next week's webchat with expert stylist Karen Bassen, for all your wedding reception style needs!

    Many thanks

  • garleysgarleys Posts: 29
    Hi Rebecca,

    Mexico is a great choice. We have a good chain of hotels who sell as Dreams or Secrets both all inclusive. Dreams is the brand for all the family. It most certainly is not small but they do fabulous weddings. Dreams Tulum is about 400 rooms and is right by the ancient Mayan ruins. Dreams Cancun , slightly smaller, is a high rise hotel but has a dolphin park on site, not sure if you have kids with you. They have good wedding coordinators

    There are some tiresome regulations in Mexico. You have to have a bloodtest which is with a professional doctor who comes to the hotel, and your documents have to be translated into Spanish which costs.

    Other islands with good small all inclusives l could be Tobago. Coco Reef is a great hotel with fabulous staff. Regulations are much simpler here and the hotel is less than 200 rooms and has a very homely feel. A great 3 star option is Hawksbill in Antigua where they have three wonderful beaches, good food and staff and it is great value for money. Asl about the Great House which is a three bedroom complex where you could fit almost everyone
  • garleysgarleys Posts: 29
    Hi Lynsey

    You do not want to organise this yourself. You definitely want to use a tour operator. American Sky our sister company could do this. i would fly to New york with BA, then on to Las Vegas. There are great wedding packages on the rim or at the bottom of Grand Canyon followed by optional helicopter rides. Then fly down to Grand Cayman. You might have to change planes in Miami or in another US hub, but that will be easy. You can then fly home directly with BA.

    There are all budgets of hotels to choose in each of your venues. A good tour operator will find a better fare than you will.
  • linz-kdlinz-kd Posts: 2,382
    Thats great thanks very much for that.

    I've had a lot of mixed information from people with most saying that I should book everything myself.

    I would rather book through our Operator & you've just made my mind up about that thanks so much.

    I'll have a look at the Website for American Sky.



  • garleysgarleys Posts: 29
    Hi all

    I am signing off now. If there is anything you want to ask Tropical Sky our website is and we can be contacted on the phone at 01342 331799. We have a great team and would love to help make wedding or honeymoon arrangements.

    Bit of a stange last thought. We have 6 seats going to Tobago or Grenada tomorrow morning because of a cancellation. £890 buys 2 weeks all inclusive in the Grenadian by rex including flights in premium economy - a fab bargain. phone now open to anyone.

    I do hope all your wedding days and honeymoons are fabulous
  • Jess83ukJess83uk Posts: 402

    My H2B & I really want to get married abroad but our budget is quite tight.

    I believe it is cheaper to get married far away such as The Carribiean, Maldives etc, however we have lots of small children in our family so they won't endure a long-haul flight, also we both have family that don't earna lot of money so they wouldn't be able to afford to attend the wedding if we did it somewhere really luxurious.

    Where would you recommend?
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