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Welcome to our wedding beauty and make-up webchat

Hi everyone

Want expert beauty and make-up advice for your big day? Want to do your make-up yourself to save on budget and need some expert tips?

Ceilidh Waddington from Pampalicious is online to give you some fab advice on all your wedding beauty needs.

Pampalicious is an fab beauty service that comes to you and was founded by make-up artist and nail technician Ceilidh to meet the needs of our busy lives.

She's got loads of expertise to help you plan for your big day

If you'd like to ask a question, simply click "post reply" in this thread and type your question into the box. Her reply will appear in the same thread (but please bear with us if we get busy, your question will be answered as soon as we can!)




  • hi

    Can you recommend a good nude lipstick and pinky-peach cream blush for blondes? I want to look fresh on my wedding day and I'm prepared to buy nice products, but don't want to spend the money if they're not going to be worth it! Thanks, CSx
  • 24diva24diva Posts: 295
    Hi, thanks for taking the time to do this webchat. If you are doing your own make-up, is it advisable to wear false eyelashes and if so which do you recommend? Any tips for applying them? Thanks CM. x
  • I recommend you wear a powder blush as cream blush has a tendency to slide off. Try MAC Desert Rose, it's one of their best sellers and a lovely colour on almost all skin tones.

    If you're worried about the powder blush use a cream base on your face like Chantecaille Real Skin (available from Space NK) before you apply powder blush this will give your face an overall dewy sheen and is very light so easy to wear if you're not used to wearing foundation.

    MAC also do a number of nude lipsticks but you could simply wear a nude lip liner (which you line your lips with and then colour your lips in) and put a clear lip gloss over the top. Try MAC Sand lip liner and their clear lip gloss.

  • False Eyelashes take some skill but with a little practice they can be applied easily. I usually recommend individual eyelashes applied to the outer corner of the eye, you can get some from Ruby and Millie (Boots) or from MAC, the ones I use have 3 eyelashes joined together and I put three of them on the top lash line working my way from the outer corner in.

    Place a mirror on a table and look down at the mirror when applying. Another tip is to put the glue on the eyelashes or on your hand and then dip the eyelashes into the glue and let the glue become a bit tacky before applying, if it's too runny they won't stick straight away as they will slide off. For individual eyelashes use tweezers to apply.
  • Hi could you give me some ideas on what colour to go for on my big day, i have light skin but not so light that i dont tan. blonde hair and blue eyes. i usually use quite natural colours. and also is it true that dewy products don't photograph well??


  • Hello, thanks for joining us. I'm used to wearing quite heavy eye make up day to day and wear quite thick eye liner on the top lid. Most bridal make up trends I've seen are very natural and neutral shades, have you got any tips on how I can compromise with my make-up look on the day without wearing minimal make-up and feeling strange? Thanks! x
  • I always use dewy products, I think they give you a very nice natural glow in photo's. If you're worried, use a light dusting of translucent powder over your base or alternatively use a small amount of bronzer (but make sure it's the non sparkly kind, Benefit has a great one called Hoola, I use it on almost all brides). Always take a photo of your make up at home after a practice run to see how it looks.

    Colours are harder to recommend without seeing your skin tone, some blondes really suit a smokey eye, however lighter rather than darker, you could try using Bobbi Brown Bone as a base all over your eye and then Bobbi Brown Galaxy over the eye socket and just above it to define the eye socket. Also add a little of the Galaxy under the eye from the outer corner and if you're feeling very bold a thin line of eyeliner on the top lash line, again Bobbi Brown Black Ink eye liner. the Bobbi Brown colours are cream based rather than powder based and won't crease in the eye socket over the day, they also last and last and last.

    If however you suit the brown shade more, try Bobbi Brown bone again all over the eye with Bobbi Brown Burnished over the eye socket and just above to define the socket and along the bottom lash line from the outer corner, using Bobbi Brown Black Plum Ink eye liner on the upper lash line.
  • Why compromise, I wore dark smokey eyes on my wedding day and everyone commented on how nice it looked, I also do dark smokey eyes on quite a few brides.

    One thing I've learned is don't alter your look too dramatically on your big day, you won't be happy with your look when you see the photo's! This also goes for hair, I always wear my hair down, I had an up do and wasn't amazingly satisfied with the results so ended up taking it down and feeling more like me.

    Try playing around with colours, I've recommended some colours above from the Bobbi Brown range which might be a nice alternative to the products you already use. False eyelashes also mentioned above might update your look for your big day too.

    Hope this helps?

  • Thats great advice, thank you, like you said - I still want to feel like 'me' on the day!
  • vgorevgore Posts: 13
    Hi Ceilidh,

    Great to have you giving us advice!!I've often got brittle nails and bits of skin around my nails. What are the best vitamins to take to improve nail firmness and can you suggest a good cuticle cream to get rid of bits of skin???


  • The hair and nail vitamins at Boots are quite good but I think the best thing to do is to take extra good care of your nails, always wear gloves when washing up or gardening, keep your nails painted, this will keep them stronger and help prevent them breaking and use a good cuticle cream/oil. I've found the best one is solar oil available on

    In the run up to your wedding have a couple of manicures to get rid of the skin around the nails and then continue using solar oil at home.

    I tend to use gels on brides nails, it looks exactly like nail polish but doesn't chip or wear off and usually lasts around 3 weeks, it won't come off with nail polish remover, it needs to be soaked off by the salon or nail technician who applied it.

    You can get gels done at Nails Inc or Papalicious and many independent nail salons, Bio Sculpture gel is the best, both Nails Inc and Pampalicious use Bio Sculpture. It's more expensive than your average manicure but is worth it as it will get you through your big day and should last you through your honeymoon as well.
  • Hi Ceilidh, I suffer with really dark circles around my eyes, I've had them for as long as I can remember and no amount of sleep helps so I've kindda just got used to them. Because of this though I avoid any smokey or darker eye make up so that it doesn't emphasis them.

    Would you have any suggestions for hiding them please

    Thanks SB x
  • HI everyone

    Ceilidh will now answer the remaining question.

    Thank you very much to her for answering all your questions and sharing all her expert tips

    Many thanks


    PS: Don't forget Thursday's webchat with wedding dress designer Ian Suart
  • I completely agree with you, people with dark circles should avoid smokey eyes, it tends to make the circles look even darker.

    The best product I've found is Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat, it's a light weight concealer that deflects light so makes dark circles look lighter without looking like you've got loads of concealer on. A more affordable alternative is Boots No. 7 Instant Radiance.

    You could probably get away with a light dusting of gold eyeshadow and a very fine line of black eye liner along the upper lashes to define the eyes, it will take some practice to apply it straight and thin but looks great if applied correctly. Bobbi Brown Black Ink Eye liner is great if used with a thin eye liner brush.

    Also don't forget the eyebrows, it's the first part of the face I do after foundation and concealer, a well definied eyebrow will make all the difference.
  • Thanks very much Ceilidh

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