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Hi everyone

Award-winning wedding dress designer Ian Stuart is now online and ready to help out with all your wedding fashion dilemmas, so if you've got a question, now's the time to ask!

We'll keep track of all the questions so no one will be missed out, but please bear with us if we start to get busy.

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  • MrsHoneyukMrsHoneyuk Posts: 8,481
    Hi Ian

    I must start by saying I am completely in love with your collections, I really wish I could have bought them all and had some serious costume changes throughout the day!

    I have bought Puerto Rico in black & ivory, I am going to team it with a small top hat with a birdcage veil as I love the drama of the dress! I really want a pair of gloves to finish the look, do you have any suggestions of where I could find something suitable? Would you suggest lace or satin for the gloves?

    Thank you

    Toni image
  • hi Ian are you god?


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  • Hi Ian,

    I'm getting married in June next year and would like to choose a dress that would be suitable for either hot summer sun or, as is always a possibility in this country, miserable rain! Any ideas?

  • apollobearapollobear Posts: 8,627
    Ian - can you tell me the difference between white, diamond white, antique white, pearl white and ivory?

    Thank you.

    P.S. I think you are The God of Wedding Dresses and that Honeysaurus is going to look A.Mazing in her black and ivory Puerto Rico.
  • yagalabyyagalaby Posts: 3,545
    post a pic of you in the dress Honey, Ian- you'll just die, she looks DELICIOUS! Oh and show him the boots you had made!!!!

    Stick around Ian, she looks edible in them.
  • MrsHoneyukMrsHoneyuk Posts: 8,481

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  • Dear Toni,

    congratulations for your wedding!

    I think Black gloves would be perfect with your dress...I would suggest Matt Satin gloves and you can buy them on line from a company called

    Good luck and best wishes from,

    ,.Ian stuart
  • MrsHoneyukMrsHoneyuk Posts: 8,481
    Ooh and hat

  • yagalabyyagalaby Posts: 3,545
    HUBBA HUBBA!!! See Ian, come on with the gloves already!!

    ooooh do you have a pair you could sendher? she has been lauding your designs on here like a cheerleader. Least she deserves, best little marketer on your team!
  • MrsHoneyukMrsHoneyuk Posts: 8,481
    Thank you Ian! I shall go and have a look! image
  • Hi Ian

    I too am a huge fan of your dresses...thank god they exist as an alternative to the normal 'boring' dresses!

    I have just been for my second fitting today and am in love with my dress (Vanilla in Taupe and Metallic). I have some Rachel Simpson gold/ivory shoes and a Joyce Jackson Waist length veil (with a bit of sparkle on it) which I am happy about. I also had a wrap made rather than the jacket and am really pleased with the overall look. I have a petticoat underneath which gives it added shape and all is well...

    My only concern is the length of the dress...I am wondering if it is still a bit long...what would your recommendation be in terms of how it sits on the floor etc


  • apollobearapollobear Posts: 8,627
    See - we told you Ian - she's a fox! x
  • Dear Happywife2b,

    we have many styles which are available for weddings both here and abroad...a lot of our styles can be changes to softer and ligkter weight fabrics, which can be discussed with your local bridal boutique.

    Best wishes from,

  • Hi Ian,

    A Million trillion thank you's to you!

    I have ordered the amazing Mokalita in Cappuccino for my wedding next year and would like to send a million thank you's to you for creating it! I have never seen a more beautiful dress and praise your brain for thinking it up!! You are the wedding dress champion of the world.
  • Dear apollobear,

    with the differences of white, diamond white, Ivory etc, it really depends on the actual fabric of the dress... Is your are tanned or have a darker skin tone, I would choose either Diamond white or pale Ivory...If you are fair, then I would opt of a darker ivory or pale gold. The best thing to do is try the dresses on and see how they look next to your skin as there are so many different variations.

    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Ian,

    I absolutely LOVE all your dresses and cannot wait to see your new collection.(going to a designer day in October) I am seriously thinking about ordering Devereaux in Ivory but thought I would wait until I see your new dresses just in case I like one better, What veil would you recommend for Devereaux and also which hoop? I would like the skirt to be quite 'big'.




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  • Ian,

    I'm wearing an older creation which I absolutely fell in love with. The Bellini! image

    Can I ask what was you inspiration for this design...and what type of veil I should wear with it?

    Congratulations on your PHENOMENAL success!

    Your family must be very proud of you!

  • Hi Ian,

    I am wearing Mokalita in cappuccino for my wedding and wonder what colour bridesmaids dresses you would choose to compliment it? I am a little stuck with what to choose.


  • Dear FairyPrincess 4,

    congratulations for your wedding, we love the Taupe colour and I think the gold shoes will look beautiful.... when you are walking in the dress, the 'toe' of the shoe should always be visiable... the dress should be 1/2" to 3/4" above the floor, ..when you walk in the dress you should never have to feel that you have to hold it up at the sides, if you do it means it is still too long... ~The bridal boutique can lift the dress at the centre front position to arrive at the perfect level for your shoe heel height.

    Have a wonderful day and best wishes,

  • DEar Pixie Bride,

    thank you so much for your kind words!...we love style Mokalita too and I hope you had a fantastic wedding day!

    Best wishes from,

  • Hello Just incase anyone want to ask anything!!!!!! I am here, however, I too am soooooo glad Ian is online to answer your questions

    Really nice you have had time to chat (I know he's been really busy sorting out his collection) plus if any of you are looking for Mother of Bride or Ascot Collections Ian has just brought out a fantastic one!

  • rachxxukrachxxuk Posts: 1,230
    hi Ian

    Hope your well.

    WITS WHOOOOOOO honey!!!! You look devine!!!!!


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  • Quoted:
    I'm wearing a pronovias number. Lacey!

    is it the real deal or did you get it from one of those knock off chinese places??
  • yagalabyyagalaby Posts: 3,545
    Hello Just incase anyone want to ask anything!!!!!! I am here, however, I too am soooooo glad Ian is online to answer your questions

    Really nice you have had time to chat (I know he's been really busy sorting out his collection) plus if any of you are looking for Mother of Bride or Ascot Collections Ian has just brought out a fantastic one!


    hello do you know how to post pictures? Ian wasn't sure how...
  • Dear Beverly.

    style Deveraux can be worn with either a full or mermaid style Petticoat. ... We reccommend a company called JUPON and if you want the skirt to look fuller, check out style 163 on their website.

    Regarding veil.... we can supply the beaded vintage hem lace to your bridal boutique and they can attache it all theway around a plain veil... it looks really beautiful when the dress and veil have the same lace as it really completes the whole 'look'.

    good luck and best wishes from,

  • yagalabyyagalaby Posts: 3,545
    oh god not that knock off crap. Actually Ian how do you feel abotu chinese dressmakers ripping off your designs? it must feel like the wearer is compromising hte integrity of your ideas, no?
  • DEar Cupcake forever,

    Style Bellini was from our Watercolour collection and is a timeless classic gowm... the insiration for this dresws came actually from the beading which looked really beautiful when it was 'swirled' around, which is why I make the flower type of draping on the skirt with the swirls of beading... I hope you have a wonderful wedding day!

    Best wishes from,

  • Hi Ian,

    I recently wore your dress Puerto Rico in ivory for my wedding in August and I felt like an abolute princess in it. I got so many compliments on my dress for being unique yet still beautiful so I thought I would email you to say a HUGE thank you x
  • Dear Pixie bride,

    I think grape, chocolate, sage green tones are all very complimentary to this dress... darker vintage could also have bridesmaids in different colours mixing for example, a grape colour with a sage green.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Ian

    I have recently ordered Havana in Gold and was wondering if you have any suggestions at to what jewellery to wear with the dress?
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