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Welcome to our David Fielden fashion webchat

Hi everyone

Welcome to our fashion webchat with fab wedding dress designer David Fielden as part of David Fielden week on Y&YW!

Whether you have questions about style, budget or accessories, come and make use of David's vast wedding fashion expertise!

We'll keep track of all the questions so no one will be missed out, but please bear with us if we start to get busy.

Please do make sure that you post within this thread (by clicking "post reply" at the top or bottom of the thread) as unfortunately we're not able to answer questions posted elsewhere in the forum.

Many thanks



  • Hi David

    Please can you help me - I'm getting married in the south of France near a beach but I don't want to look either too formal with a big dress, or too casual. Can you recommend a style that would look good for this sort of wedding? I have quite a modern boho style but I can't spend too much!!! Thanks in advance x
  • Hi David,

    I'm just starting to look at dresses for my Feb 2011 wedding. I am only 5 ft 4 tall and quite stumpy with hips and a bum, but quite a small waist). What sort of shape would you suggest as I don't want to look like I am drowning in a dress but I also want a bit of fantasy to it.

    Also, do you think a fake fur bolero/shrug would be suitable due to my shape/height.

    Thanks in advance x
  • Hi David,

    Hoping you can help me! My question has two parts to it actually.... my dress choice (it's being made for me) was inspired by a recent spread in Y&YW about boho chic brides. I would like something very bohemian, chic yet also very natural (my imagination takes me to walking through a cornfield or down a hill on a summers day, that sort of thing). It will hopefully have thick straps with a v-neckline, be quite tight fitting around the waist and have a long, luscious skirt. would also like lots of pretty detail with lace draping over the top of the dress, ith sleeves that come to my elbow. I will be wearing a headpiece for the ceremony made out of a ring of cloth tied together with a ribbon, and perhaps with the veil draping off it. Then I'll change into a droplet tiara across the forehead for the wedding breakfast.

    Question one: do you know where I can find pictures of dresses that are both inspired by boho chic adn that fit my 'vision' that I can take as inspration?

    Question Two: I am unsure as to what to do with my bridesmaid dresses; my dress is not exactly the typical wedding dress style, and I wanted the bridesmaids dresses to be soft and flowy, not stiff and shiny, if you see what I mean. MOre springlike, day dresses with that extra bit of sparkle. Could you recommend any bridesmaid dresses that would fit with my theme? The colour scheme is blue and yellow (the maid of honour willwear a nice, buttercup yellow and the other girls will wear either cornflower or periwinkle blue).

    Thank you so much!

  • if budget is a problem I would source vintage shops for a short beaded dress that you might be able to dye afterwards and get double wear out of..our short boho dresses are under £100o
  • hello Dee

    if you are not very tall I would suggest chiffon or georgette dress maybe draped but diagonally which gives illusiion of height and yes a green shrug would be nice but keep it short in length

  • Hi David, my friend is looking for a very edgy dress, what are the new trends in the wedding world for 2010? She is fashion buyer so wants something cutting edge, do you have anything that would fit the bill? She is size 8 and tall so would suit anything!

    Thanks for your help.
  • Hello Jeannie

    a good start would be to look at pre-raphealite paintings, very feminine, longish sleeves and lots of flowery details, the Tate in London has good examples as has the Leverburgh Gallery in Liverpool (Port Sunlight), for bridesmaids as you have time on your hands you could pobably find something nice in the high street and customise with soft sashes to match the look

    hope it helps image
  • Hi David,

    I am getting married in Cyprus and have already bought my dress, a Maggie Sottero named Stella:

    I am getting married in June and want to sort my shoes and jewellery pretty soon. I'm so rubbish when it comes to accessories etc so what do you suggest I opt for shoe wise, jewellery and in the hair?

    Many thanks, Camilla
  • Hi David,

    I saw a beautiful real life wedding in Cosmo Bride, and the bride had a David Fielden dress - she looked amazing! Only problem, it was a London wedding, and I live up North! Is is possible to buy your dresses anywhere else? I'm happy to travel around to find one...


    Happy bride
  • hello Emma

    the main trends in our collection for 2010 is graphic and simple, slinky and satin but beige, and if with tulle one shouldered and vintage stones

    look forward to seeing your friend soon at our DESIGNER DAY at Teokath in Wibledon Sat 5th December, call Maria for an appointment

  • Hi Camilla,

    first keep your hair simple as don't want to change into a different person after all...

    as far as shoes if you go to they do amazing shapes for all tastes and very up to date, flowers would be nice if locally picked...again very natural..

  • Hello happy Bride

    we will do a DESIGNER DAY with Teokath in Wibledon London on 5th December when most of the collection can be seen/specal ordered and also

    on the books is a DESIGNER DAY with Liz Corker in Nottingham planned in November (please call direct to have updates) and look forward to meeting you then

  • Thanks David I will let her know!
  • Hi David

    I really love the style of your dresses but am worried that a slinky style won't suit my curvy shape, are there any dresses in particular you think would work for me? And what sort of underwear do you normally recommend to wear with them?

    Thank you

  • Hello HelsBels

    we use a very clever fabric for our slinky styles which is CREPE SATIN rather then simply SATIN and this gives a little more body to the dress, making it drape but not too revealing on the body itself, therefore also underwear would not be too much of a problem as would disappear...try some on at your local stockist before your final choice and check our website for DESIGNER DAYS

    best wishes

  • The webchat has now closed

    Thank you David for answering all those questions and sharing all your fab expertise

    Many thanks


    PS: Don't forget Tuesday's webchat with Jenny Packham and Emmy Shoes for more wedding fashion advice...
  • Thanks to all the lovely brides out there for their questions and I hope I was of help, best wishes for the future and if still looking for THE dress don't forget to log onto where the new 2010 SPOSA collection will be live from middle of next month

    keep smiling !

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