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Wedding Dress style

Hi David,

Hoping you can help me! My question has two parts to it actually.... my dress choice (it's being made for me) was inspired by a recent spread in Y&YW about boho chic brides. I would like something very bohemian, chic yet also very natural (my imagination takes me to walking through a cornfield or down a hill on a summers day, that sort of thing). It will hopefully have thick straps with a v-neckline, be quite tight fitting around the waist and have a long, luscious skirt. would also like lots of pretty detail with lace draping over the top of the dress, ith sleeves that come to my elbow. I will be wearing a headpiece for the ceremony made out of a ring of cloth tied together with a ribbon, and perhaps with the veil draping off it. Then I'll change into a droplet tiara across the forehead for the wedding breakfast.

Question one: do you know where I can find pictures of dresses that are both inspired by boho chic adn that fit my 'vision' that I can take as inspration?

Question Two: I am unsure as to what to do with my bridesmaid dresses; my dress is not exactly the typical wedding dress style, and I wanted the bridesmaids dresses to be soft and flowy, not stiff and shiny, if you see what I mean. MOre springlike, day dresses with that extra bit of sparkle. Could you recommend any bridesmaid dresses that would fit with my theme? The colour scheme is blue and yellow (the maid of honour willwear a nice, buttercup yellow and the other girls will wear either cornflower or periwinkle blue).

Thank you so much! :\)
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